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A Message for the Dads

Another year has passed and its another year where I am so grateful for the men in my life. The men that chose the role of fatherhood for children that aren't biologically theirs. No one tells you how hard being a parent is, but when you opt in and choose to be one... you choose to be part of a new life.  It is scary, rewarding, and the greatest gift you can give of yourself.

When I met Chris, I knew he was the one. He not only loves me, but he loves my son. From day one, he took to E like the father E needed and the father I wanted for him. Now, E is 21 and thriving in his life. He met someone that he loves and settled into being her childrens' dad. 

I am amazed by the men in my life. So willing to give love to a child and help them flourish. My life is better because of these two men. I'm proud to call them mine. Happy Father's day to both of you. To all the men out there giving your all to benefit a child you are the true rockstar. 

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