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4 Important Things All Families Should Know About Car Insurance


Car insurance isn’t the most fun thing to think about, but it’s essential for all families to get to grips with it if they want to make their automotive adventures as safe and affordable as possible.

With that in mind, here are a slew of must-know facts relating to car insurance that you might not be aware of, and which could save you a bundle.

A bad credit score can make car insurance cost more

Having bad credit doesn’t need to be too much of a burden; you can even get an auto loan if your repayment history has a few blemishes on it.

However, it’s better to be aware of how insurers in most states factor in your credit score when calculating how much to charge you to insure your vehicle.

If your score is low, you’ll pay more. It’s not fair, but it’s the reality of the matter, so anything you can do to improve it will save you a lot of money when you need to renew your car cover.

The type of car you drive matters

Another of the relevant car insurance facts you didn’t know is that choosing a car which is cheap to insure is all about knowing which models are considered to be the riskiest by providers.

The good news for families is that vehicles made for family use are generally placed in the lower risk categories by insurers, for the obvious reason that parents who drive their kids around tend to be more sensible in their behavior behind the wheel.

A key point to note is that new cars aren’t always more expensive to insure than old ones, so long as the features they bring to the table also limit the likelihood that you’ll make a claim on your policy.

For example, if you buy a vehicle with advanced security systems, or autonomous safety solutions, cheap insurance could be available to you. So you don’t need to settle for some old jalopy just because of concerns about the costs of cover.

The weather where you live makes a difference

Location is important when it comes to determining how much you’ll pay to get your vehicle insured, and for most families it’s not practical to move hundreds or even thousands of miles in pursuit of the cheapest policy.

That said, it’s worth understanding why the state or region of your residence is relevant, and an interesting factor at play is the weather.

Florida is a good example of this, as it sits among the most expensive states for insurance, with the prevalence of extreme weather conditions being partly responsible for this.

From tropical storms to tornados, climatic elements can leave a hole in your bank balance, because insurers know that auto claims are higher where car damage is more common.

Driving safely is always advised

We already talked about how sensible habits behind the wheel are associated with family vehicles, and it’s certainly worth repeating that if you keep your record clean with the use of effective record cleaning brush and you don’t make any claims or accumulate any driving-related convictions, your insurance will get cheaper by the year.

This is about more than just saving a few pennies, because of course by thinking carefully about how you drive, you’ll also be protecting the rest of your family whenever they are passengers in the car with you.

Wrapping up

Car insurance doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, but you need to do your research and compare prices, as well as make changes to your circumstances and habits if possible, so that it’s a good deal for you and all your family.

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