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Why You Need To Make the Switch To Nail Dip Powder


Have you ever spent what feels like ages preparing and filing your nails, picking out a color you love, carefully applying your polish to each nail (mindful not to get any polish on the skin around them), eagerly waiting for them to dry so you can apply a second coat, finishing with a top coat, and then proudly admiring your manicure . . . only to have your nails chip and crack within a matter of hours? The frustration is of the worst kind! It feels like a betrayal to all your hard work and effort. If you’ve ever invested in a regular nail polish manicure at the salon, you know how those don’t last any longer without chipping. What a waste of time and money. 

For a long time, many of us knew only this as our experience of an at-home manicure. We got really good from practice at smoothly applying nail polish (being especially careful when using our non-dominant hand) and taking time to make our nails look glam. But we can all relate to the quick chip blues. We’re here to tell you that fortunately, in this modern day and age we live in, we can elevate our at home beauty routines. Just as you can get a salon-style blowout at home, or do your makeup like the celebrity stylists do, you can achieve professional looking nails at home. And best of all, achieve a long lasting manicure!

There are multiple nail products you can use at home to upgrade your nail game from your regular polish days, but our favorite is nail dip powder. Dip powder manicures are our new beauty secret because not everyone is aware of this option, even though dip powder has been around since the 1980s. Let’s run through the lowdown on all things dip powder manicures so you can learn this beauty tip for maintaining nice nails.

What Is a Dip Powder Manicure?

Dip powder manicures use a few essential products to create a durable and long lasting coating on the nails. The most notable product in the process is the dip powder, which is a colorful or bedazzled mix of pigmented powder. You’ve probably seen videos on social media of nails being dipped into the powder and emerging beauteous, but you can also brush or pour the powder over the nails to get the same effect (this is what salons should always do to prevent cross contamination). However, it’s most fun to dip your nails and watch them emerge bright and sparkly.

How Do You Apply Nail Dip Powder?

In order to give yourself a nail dip manicure, you want to purchase a dip powder kit that contains all the products you need for the process to work. These are: a base coat liquid, base powder, colorful dip powder, activator liquid, top coat liquid, nail tools (like a nail file, soft bristled brush, and cuticle pusher), and remover clips. You want to make sure you choose a dip powder kit that includes everything so you can complete your manicure effortlessly.

The process is simple: apply the base liquid for the powders to stick to, each nail at a time; dip each nail into the base powder immediately after the first coat of base liquid has been applied; apply a second layer of base liquid once the first coat has set, and then dip each nail immediately into the colored powder; dip each finger once or twice, as needed, then brush off the excess powder with the brush; apply the activator coat; file the edges of each nail and apply a second coat of activator; once it’s dry, apply the top coat.

What Are the Benefits of Nail Dip Powder?

There are numerous benefits of using dip powder for your manicure over your alternate options.

It’s Long Lasting

Dip powder creates a durable coating on the nails, so it’s chip proof and break proof for anywhere from three to six weeks. You can watch your nails grow out from the root during this time, as they’re protected from breakage.

It Doesn’t Require Light Technology

A huge plus of dip powder is that it doesn’t need to be cured with an LED or UV light lamp in order for it to set. Instead, the activator liquid does this step in much less time (and without need to buy a nail lamp).

It Saves Money Through at Home Application

We are all for having nice nails and still saving money. When you buy a dip powder kit, you get all the products and tools you need to create set after set of salon quality nails for the price of the kit and nothing else.


Now that you know there’s more out there than meticulously applied nail polish manicures that chip in record time, you can elevate your at home manicure game. Dip powder is our favorite nail design option for its durability, long lasting timeline without chipping, and simple application method. Even the most beginner nail aficionado can achieve a dip nail manicure at home.

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