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Using meditation for chakras balancing in healing diseases

 In this post I will discuss the relationship between chakras balancing and healing, and also how  meditation can help in curing diseases. 

For ages humanity fought diseases by plants, prayers, shamans and doctors. In modern times,  starting with the 19th century, the public health systems were established and we still use them  today. The problem is that medicine in general deals with the effects of the diseases and less with  its causes. If one acts only on the effects, even if being successful in canceling the effects, if the  causes are still there then in time the disease will return, whether the same disease or another. 

The ancient spiritual masters discovered that our bodies rely on energy coming from the universe around to be able to survive and thrive, and tested that beyond the physical energy there are also  other levels of higher energies, subtle ones, that our bodies need to survive. This energy was  called prana by Hindus and chi by ancient Chinese. The Hindus distinguished 7 major chakras as gates of input/output of prana in our bodies. 

You can look at prana or chi energy as tiny streams of energy that flow along with the nervous  system throughout the entire body. They have multiple functions, but the main ones are to adapt  the amount of prana needed by the body organs, shift the energy vibration according to needs,  and feed the body organs around with the much-needed energy so they function properly. 

To normalize the prana flow is a subject in its own right and the subject of a high vibration  school of spirituality and energy. 

Body vibration and healing 

Another point is that healing is very much dependent on the body vibration of that person. Body  vibration means the average awareness of that body cells, i.e. how they exchange energy with  reality around. If it’s the normal average body vibration (3.5 awareness level on the chakra scale)  healing using acupuncture and other related techniques can take weeks, months, and years, or  even never. If the patient has a higher body vibration that was reached by spiritual growth, then it  takes just days to weeks. If it’s a very high body vibration the same procedures heal it in minutes  to just days. 

The lower the body vibration the lower the prana flow speed; the higher the body vibration the  higher the prana flow and results appear faster obviously, it’s just basic Physics of Creation. 

If one has already a grave disease like cancer for instance, then he should first go to an official  MD and follow the medical treatment prescribed. 

Any energy treatment takes time, the bodies here in 3D (D-dimension of vibration) are very  dense and the energy access the spirituals have to prana/chi is quite low. The denser a body is the  larger quantities of energy one needs to have access to in order to change/heal the body.  

While mainstream medicine acts much quicker on an illness than energy-treatments, it also has  secondary effects since its drugs are chemical-based. These chemicals have all sort of hazardous  secondary effects as many studies showed. 

Disease, chakra healing and chakra balancing 

Ideally the prana flow runs unobstructed through our chakras and hence all chakras are balanced.  In real life, due to the limiting beliefs we keep in our subconscious, the energy flow is many  times distorted and obstructions start to occur. Many of these clogs occur at the level of the main  chakras, in which case the energy flow is obstructed and energy doesn’t reach the body organs as  it was supposed to. Therefore, the organs are depleted of energy and in time start to malfunction  and disease is declared. Only then mainstream medicine officially acknowledges the illness and  starts treatment for the disease which is an effect. 

By doing chakra healing we can normalize the prana flow in us hence reach chakra balancing,  so to preserve our health. If the chakras are already obstructed, then we can apply specific  procedures to for chakra healing, and I recommend in the same time to work on the limiting  beliefs by releasing them so to eradicate the causes. There are specific methods to release these  limiting beliefs. 

Different meditations and healing procedures have very different healing effects, and might be  effective for some illnesses and ineffective for others. Only experienced and competent spiritual  healers and energy healers should give advice on this. 

Factors influencing healing 

The healing is very much influenced by: 

1. The trust the patient has in the treatment and the healer, or else he might even oppose  internally to it even if he formally follows the treatment. 

2. The type of person the patient is, e.g. more fire personality, more earth, etc. For the same  illness different treatments are needed for different personalities. 

3. The treatment needs to be supported by the active participation of the patient, for instance by  doing meditations and humbly acknowledging the reason for having cancer for instance, which is  generally an old and deep negative belief he harbors for a good number of years. An illness is a  strong warning signal to a person he went adrift for a quite long time from his correct destiny  Path. If he doesn’t understand this, then even if for a period a treatment looks like getting results,  in time the illness will return, or another grave issue will hit the patient; I followed personally  several cases like these over years.

4. Wrong energy procedures, like a kundalini stirring done by some kundalini procedures, can even accelerate the disease and lead to a patient's demise before his time, so be very sure what kind of spiritual/energy procedures you apply and if they are adequate. Don’t treat yourself from spiritual/healing books, or appeal to charlatans who are self-proclaimed “shamans”, you need to check them out beforehand. 

A good health strategy is to have a body energy scanning, like an aimed psychic reading, like once a year by a competent spiritual healer who can look into your energies and see the energy  issues that might have started to take shape in you. By doing this you can intervene at the energy  level before the distorted energies reach the physical level when healing is much more  problematic.

by Claude Bulaceanu

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