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Urbanista Lisbon Earbuds: Talk & Listen to Mom Handsfree this Mother's Day!

Many thanks to Urbanista for sending this earphone set in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

It's hard not to see people with wireless ear phones these days. In the car, at the grocery store, out on a run are some of the most recent I've seen. These are all great places to wear them because people are often on the “go” but want to be accessible. I do have to admit, it is far easier wearing a set of ear plugs when talking because one is able to wash the dishes, take out the laundry, fold the clothing, or even go for a walk. Speakerphone frequently has background feed and well, it's already hot in the south, so anything involving a handheld pressed up to one's ear is going to cause sweat, which is gross and icky.  

Whether you and your mom need a set of ear-phones to allow for multitasking, or just to be hands-free while doing housework, Urbanista's Lisbon earphones set will definitely be a wonderful addition to any tech collection.

The Lisbon set comes in five different colors, including the mint green I received. The earbuds arrive with a charging case & cable, warranty + instruction info, and my buds had a set of universal go-fit wings attached to them. These are removable, but I highly recommend keeping these attached to the buds. The wings help the buds stay in many shapes and styles of ears. I also found the wings useful in placing and removing the buds from my ears. 

The specs on these say the earbuds have 9 hrs of play time per full charge, have touch control features, 5.2 Bluetooth,  a USB-C charging case, Sir & Google voice activation, and are compatible via Bluetooth with apple and android devices. 

I highly doubt I'll ever have earbuds in my ears long enough to test the full range of play time, but it is good to know for charging purposes. 

Using the Lisbon set does take some getting used too, especially if one isn't familiar with wireless ear buds, like I'm not. I have to admit- I'm usually a wired girl, so this is a new tech feature for me! 

Pairing the set with my Samsung Galaxy phone was straight forward and easy. The specs list <10M (32 ft) for the Lisbon range via Bluetooth. I found that while moving about my apartment, conversations, and music didn't disconnect. I would suggest keeping your phone nearby, just in case! 

Using the earbuds, for me, does taking some getting used too. Instructions provide details about the features for each bud. Most controls require a double-tap before activating a feature, which helps with mess-ups, but if you are like me and not used to wireless ear buds, there is a definite learning curve! 

These buds do not offer any noise- cancellation features, but the sound quality is still good. I'm the type of person that doesn't want to block out noise. I want to know if someone is calling my name, if there is traffic coming while I'm walking and talking, etc., so I do appreciate this.  If you are in a setting that needs to block out noise completely, these may not be for you.

The charging case offers 2 other rounds of charging so that the battery span of these buds can be up to 27 hours. I do dislike the length of the charging cable. With many American wall chargers being above baseboards, or halfway between counters and cabinets, it left the case hanging. I feel like that can be detrimental to the cables. The charging case is just as colorful as the buds, so slip it into your pocket, wallet, or bag for use on the go!

Using the playback features on the buds is straight forward, although it will take me a while to remember the functions for each earbud. I accidentally hung up on a friend while trying to adjust the volume, but I'm sure I will get it in time! 


  • Play, Pause, Answer Call, End Call by tapping the L or R earbud twice
  • Reject Call by touching and holding L or R earbud for 2 seconds
  • Volume Up: Tap R earbud once
  • Volume Down:  Tap L earbud once
  • Voice Assistant: Touch and Hold L earbud for 2 seconds
  • Next Track: Touch and Hold the R earbud for 2 seconds

Overall, I recommend the Urbanista Lisbon Earbuds for any mom who wants to be hands free for any reason. These ear buds are easy to use and will make great Mother's Day gifts! Use them while playing in the park or backyard with your kids, doing housework, waiting in the school carpool line, or even out on a walk while talking to your bestie! Anytime you need to be hands-free, these Lisbon earbuds will come in handy!


We are proud to feature Urbanista in our 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide. Head over to the blog for more products and gift suggestions! 

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