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Understanding about teen substance abuse with drug rehab Philadelphia

Being a teenager is difficult. But being a parent to a teen can be daunting. Struggling to find and form an identity, developing a sense of independence, hormonal changes, along with bodily changes can make them stubborn and extremely difficult to handle. But the situation can be terrifying and can break the family if they have troubled teens who are addicted to alcohol and other toxic substances. 

One of the universal characteristics of a teenager is to try new things. As a result, at some point in their life, they may try alcohol and other substances. Trying out alcohol or other substances doesn’t mean that your teen is addicted. But, according to various studies, there is a high chance for people who begin to drink or take drugs at a young age to become addicts.

As parents, it is very natural for you to get worried and blame yourself for wrong parenting. But even though it is a very difficult phase, trying to tighten your grip around your child, pestering them, or scolding them won’t get you anywhere. It will only sow seeds for bigger disasters. So, if your child is addicted to alcohol or is abusing a substance, the best thing will be to take them to a rehabilitation center like Daybreak addiction treatment center near Philadelphia which provides a holistic approach to treatment. A rehab center like this will provide personalized healing methods and will also find strategies to deal with relapse, thus opening a path to a healthy and sober life.

As a teen parent, you need to know the following about substance abuse to find a solution and get your child out of the situation.

Why is your teen using the substance?

It is very natural for adolescents to try new and different things. They will have a sense of freedom and will feel the urge to act like grown-ups. Many teens use alcohol and substance because of peer pressure. The wish to fit in and get the tag of the cool kid can be another reason. Other reasons can be an urge to experiment, a coping mechanism to deal with their loneliness and other problems like bullying and to feel good. 

All these are the common reason for teens to use alcohol and drugs. Instead of bursting out at your child, you need to understand why they are trying to or taking substances. Only when you know the reason, you will be able to guide them and discuss the issue more logically and calmly.

Know the signs that your child is abusing a substance

If you want to help your teen, you need to know the signs and symptoms of using alcohol and drugs. Since being moody, rebellious, and quiet are characteristics of teenagers, one cannot deduce whether they are using substances based on these behaviors. 

You can look for the following signs to consider whether your child is abusing substances:

  1. Behavioral changes

The sudden outburst of emotions, mood changes, and acting withdrawn or depressed can be some symptoms. They may suddenly start to exhibit secretive behavior and hostility and may become silent. Along with these signs, see if they are unusually unfocused or hyperactive. If they are showing any of these signs, try to have a rational and friendly conversation with them.

  1. Lose of interest 

The teen may not show interest in the activities that they used to love. Instead of hanging out with their friends, they may spend time in their room sleeping. Also, they may suddenly stop hanging out with their old friends and go out with a new group.

  1. Physical changes

Not bothering about their appearance, dressing messy, unusual odors, flushed cheeks, and looking unhygienic. They may also appear very tired and suddenly put up or lose weight.

If you feel that your child is abusing a substance, remember that harsh punishment or scolding is not the solution. Have a calm conversation with them. Do not let your emotions blur your rationality. Talk to them and convince them to attend a rehabilitation program. Take a firm stand, find help, and give them support to come back to a life of sobriety.

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