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Sunday Blessings with the Belairs

It has been a week my friends. If it could go wrong it did, but despite that I'm still standing.  I'm glad you are too.

E decided to get his first apartment instead of living on the army base because he fell in love and wants to move in with his girlfriend.  I'm so happy for him, but I'm sad too because I always envisioned him coming back home. He officially moves in on the 13th. I guess it would be safe to say it's time to pack up his room. This will always be his home but it is time for him to stand on his own two feet. 

Wednesday, I overslept and tried to make a pot of coffee with instant coffee, the coffee I keep here for my mom.  She only drinks instant and she rarely visits. I'm so glad there is a Dunkin on almost every street in my town. 

I got to visit my god-daughter yesterday, I needed it so much. She is finally at the age she reaches for people and I swear she gives the best hugs.  

Lastly, Thor went to the vet yesterday and seems to have a limp going on this morning. I'm sure it is from the shot he got yesterday but I'm upset he is in pain. Cue the hormones that will be harassing me shortly.

Yet, I'm here still standing. Everything that upset me, changed my perspective, or changed my life is something that will make me grow. Every challenge does that.  I just need to remember that.

How was your week?

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