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Spread Sunshine and Wardrobe Updates with Nadine West's Subscription Service

Thanks to Nadine West for continuing to send shipments in exchange for reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Y'all, I have no idea where April went. With the end of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday, somehow the month transformed into May very quickly! May has brought lots of wind, but lots of warmer weather! With the quick approach of Mother's Day, Graduation Season, and Memorial Day (plus a vacation trip to Florida), I've had to take stock of my summer wardrobe. 

Luckily enough, Nadine West arrived with another shipment for me to try on! This post will combine my last two shipments, with the most recent one arriving this week. 

For those who aren't aware, Nadine West is a female clothing subscription company. Pink packages full of goodies arrive every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your shipment desire. A text and email reminder (plus tracking info) are sent out when the package is shipped, reminding you that it will be coming soon. I love this feature because otherwise I'll totally forget it's coming!

After opening the package, the customer has a designated amount of time to return unwanted items, using the date found on the packing slip. The same bag is used for returns; just drop into your local mailbox! 

Nadine West does require a credit card to be on file if your subscription is active. If you keep any items, the shipping charge is applied to your inventory. If you send everything back, you do lose the $9.98 shipping charge. 

I was struggling over the winter months with Nadine's inventory. After a couple of packages filled with unwanted and returned items, I updated my profile and tried to be specific as possible. April and May shipments have been much better!

April's shipment included a lovely pink cardigan, a white blouse, sports leggings and dark denim leggings, and a yellow tank. The pink cardigan is so great for the spring! In fact, I even wore it on Easter Sunday! The yellow tank is a great layer for under cardigans, but to wear on its own, I need the proper undergarments. The white blouse is a great every-day layer as well.

I kept the sport leggings for my collection, but honestly, as the weather gets warmer, these won't come out very much. 

I did receive one item that I wasn't sure about at all. It's listed as a dress, but it's WAY too short for a dress. Plus, the pattern. Maybe others are brave, but I'm totally not. Never mind the fact that it's already way too warm for this garment!

Nadine tries to send one piece of jewelry with every shipment. I disclosed that I hardly wear jewelry but earrings. This pair arrived in the April shipment. Normally not my style, but I decided to keep them. 

April Showers bring in May flowers. Or May clothing! This newest shipment has probably been one of the best since I started using Nadine West in Sept 21. It arrived with 1 dress, 2 blouses, 2 pairs of jean-type leggings, and a necklace. 

I'm normally not a fan of jean styled leggings, but these two particular ones fit well, so I've decided to keep them. There was a pair of darker denim and the lighter denim with the styled patches. Both have pockets, which is almost necessary for keys and phone, no matter where I am! 

The two blouses are nice. The dark blue with red kisses might be my favorite. Nadine has sent me a lot of yellow/ mustard color blouses lately, so this will probably be the last one I'll keep for a while. Often times, the material of the yellow blouse is clingy and shows all, so I'm careful about the type of undergarments and bottoms worn with those too. 

The black dress is harder to determine. I'm not often one for the styled shoulders, like this one has, but it's interesting. It's free flowing and might accessorize well with a belt, so I'll have to check that out! 

Finally, I received a simple necklace that would look great with most necklines of blouses and dresses. While I don't wear them often, this is something that I'd definitely keep in my collection for various occasions. 

Why Nadine West? Honestly, I find this so much easier than shopping in a store. A stylist picks out the items, sends it to me, I get to try them on at home and ask for input from friends & family, and drop off at the post office or in a mailbox, depending on the thickness of the package. Usually the pieces are not expensive either, only between $10 and $30 an item. It's been a fun and easy way to update my wardrobe!

Like any company,  - not without fault. Sometimes stitching it bad, items loose shape, or just plain don't look good. Some folks might not like the surprise method. Personally, this pink package does bring me joy because I never know what's going to be in it! 

This Mother's Day and Spring, spread some sunshine and warmth with Nadine West subscriptions. Whether it's a gift for your bestie or Mom, or whether it's for yourself, this is one of the better subscription company's I've used!

Nadine West is being featured in our 2022 Mother's Day Guide. Check out our other gift suggestions on the blog! 

Want it? Get it!

Create your Style Profile now and be on your way to receiving your first shipment! With summer vacations coming up, remember that pausing or canceling your shipment is super easy by just emaiing customer service! 

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