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Snack in Style with Sustainable Roll'eat wraps and bags!

Many thanks to Roll'eat for sending these sustainable sandwich wrappings and bags in exchange for a review. I'm excited to be able to use these while traveling and playing this summer! 

While school may be winding down, it doesn't mean that packed lunches will suddenly cease! Summer Camp, Beach Trips, and car rides all call for an abundance of snacks and sandwiches to keep the hungry pains at bay while romping in the sun.

Living Coastal, I hate seeing plastic at the beach. Plastic bags, sandwich bags, drink containers evitable litter the sand rather than making their way back into a trashcan or packed up into one's belongings. Yet, there are probably many ways to take my snacks besides sandwich bags, but I haven't seen that many sustainable options that also are space savers.  

Save the ocean (and turtles) by using Roll'Eats reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags. Why Roll'Eats? These products are designed to say goodbye to single use bags, and one doesn't need a bunch of Tupperware with seals to worry about around sand, dirt, and in the car. 

The Boc'n' roll is perfect for any sandwich, items that need to be wrapped up, and is easy to clean! Most sandwich containers are square, meant for our processed bread, and don't often fit homemade breads. 

The flat design of this wrap makes it easy for all types of breads and wraps! No matter whether you created a marvelous tortilla wrap or a chunky thick sandwich, this Boc'n'roll will keep your sandwich sealed but easily accessible! 

Offering a Velcro closure, foods won't spill out when sides are folded in. An added bonus: when at picnic tables or at the beach, there is a clean surface for you to eat off! 

The wrap offers a leak resistant inner layer, it's easy to wipe clean with soap and water, and can be machine washable up to 150F. It's not microwave-safe nor should be used with sharp objects. Make sure to cut the sandwich before placing it on the boc'n'roll. 

The Boc'N'Roll in pink pineapple is so much fun. In the South, pineappleas are a sign of hospitality and welcoming! I was also sent a second pink wrap as well. 

This wrap is more for than sandwiches, too. Wrap basically any food types, like meats and cheeses or fruit, in the Boc'n'roll for safe clean easy eating. I find it so simple to use, even at work. I have a "placemat" that helps keep my desk clean, but it also keeps my sandwiches fresh as well. 

Are you a snack queen or king? Do your littles ALWAYS request snacks while you are out and about? Then the reusable snack bag is for you!

 In particular, I've been loving the Snack'N'Go Duo.  It has double pockets so that two types of snacks can be made available for when you need.

The pockets are Velcro- closure that prevent spillage, but are easily opened so that young children can get to their snacks if desired. Just like the boc'n'roll, the snack bags are easy to wipe clean and can be used in the washing machine, but not the microwave.

To be honest, I've been loving this double bag because I can take my morning and afternoon snacks in the same bag and not have to worry about if I've remembered to grab everything in my purse or lunch bag! 

Snack'N'Go Duo covers so many snack needs with its double pockets!

Just need a single snack bag? The Snack' N' Go reusable snack bags come in many designs and colors that will ensure you and yours will remember to grab your treats while hitting the road, car, or park. 

The single Snack'N'Go has a deep pocket large enough for lots of berries!

I think this is great for multiple children too! Each child can have their own snack bag in their own color/ design to minimize the "mom, he/she has my goldfish" sounds that you might often hear from the backseat! 

This Patchwork Orange print makes snacking even more fun! 

This summer, if you are headed to the beach, the park, the mountains, or taking a drive pretty much anywhere, then Roll'eat products are for you! 

I love the colors and designs offered too. This makes packing lunches and taking snacks even more fun. Not only may your snacks be colorful, but your bags are as well! 

Take your snacks, lunch, and treats on the road. Remember to eat well and have a great summer! Say bye-bye to cling-wrap, sandwich bags, and foil! Also, these are  great for those of us who still have to show up at the office this summer and take our lunches or snacks with us. 

Want it? Get it! 

Purchase your favorite Roll'eat sandwich wrap or snack bag and get ready for some great summer fun! Move towards zero waste sandwich wrappings and help protect the environment too!

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