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See Clear Sunny Days Ahead With A New Pair of Glasses from GlassesShop


Do you remember going through a Vision Exam while in elementary school? I sure do. By that point, we already knew I would have eyesight issues, as all sorts of things run in the family. Sometime in second grade, it was time. Time to purchase a pair of glasses, so my little eyes could see the blackboard and projector screens. Then it was time to deal with my lazy eye that I had since a small child. 

It wasn't until late high-school that I was allowed to obtain and wear daily contacts. Maybe it was cost, maybe it was being old enough to actually take care of such things, I don't know. But once I started, I hardly looked back to the days of glasses. Sure, I still had them, but they weren't as prevalent in my life as they once were. 

I moved south to attend college. Moving states brought out all sorts of eye allergies. Thus, during high pollen season, the glasses came back out. In fact, my eyes developed such sensitivities that sometimes I couldn't even be out in the sun! Thus, the need for sunglasses ALL the time (even some on cloudy days!)

As an adult, I still wear contacts most of the time. Glasses are so expensive that I don't always keep the prescription updated because of lack of daily use. Recently, I realized it was time to invest in a new pair of glasses. Scratched up lenses definitely don't help out with vision acuity. But they are SO expensive to invest in from the optometrist office. 

How does one find cheaper eyeglasses? I had not bought any glasses in my current community, so I started to ask around. Many told me: Buy Cheap Glasses Online. There are SOOO many online retailers now, that it's hard to choose! 

GlassesShop is a one-stop vision store for everything you need! Do you need a pair of cheap glasses?  Prescription sunglasses? Maybe you want transition lenses on those regular glasses? GlasseShop has something for you!

Luckily enough, at my last appointment, I requested a new glasses prescription along with my contacts prescription, so I was ready to get started. All you need is your prescription and PD (pupil distance) number. I didn't have my PD from my eye exam, so I used their handy dandy ruler. I highly recommend that you find someone to help you with this, especially if your vision is bad, because even one millimeter off can throw off your prescription!

After choosing your frames, choosing your lens, and uploading your prescription with PD, your order may be completed. The turn around time isn't that bad, either! Expect 3-5 days processing for most lens types, and add shipping on top of that time. 

I was sent 2 pairs to try out:

These glasses have a pretty decorative lace on the frame sides. The rims fit well. They do extend a tad bit farther than I'm used too, as my last pair rested close to my nose, but overall I've been pleased with the quality, style, and shape. I've mainly worn them around the home in mornings and evenings, when my eyes need a break from contacts. Of course, I don't wear contacts to bed, but lately I've been taking them out early evening, so my glasses help me see while watching my favorite tv shows and/ or reading. 

Transition Lenses are photocromic, changing colors when you go outside, to protect your eyes from UV rays. Essentially, they act like sunglasses, darkening depending upon the sun level. I've always loved transition lens because I don't need to change between 2 pairs of eyeglasses. 

Glasses will remain clear while you are inside and change quickly when your sun level changes. It can take a minute or two to adjust back indoors, but I honestly never found that to be an issue, unless I was entering a dark space after a bright space. 

These are regular sunglasses for those many days that I wear contacts. I honestly prefer contacts for acuity and depth perception reasons. Plus, being outdoors a lot isn't always great for glasses wearers when you live on the coast. 

The beach, the Water, sports, etc can destroy any pair of glasses a lot. I always have a pair of sunglasses on me and try to reserve the "crappy" ones for the beach, but these have quickly become a daily use. They are comfortable, they block the appropriate amount of light, and so far, no allergy issues! The best part is that they are not extremely expensive sunglasses, so if something happens, I won't feel as devastated about the cost of replacement. 

I have to admit, I was slightly hesitant about buying glasses online, especially figuring out the PD part of the eye prescription. I've been so used to purchasing frames at the eye doctor's office that I've never used an online service. But GlassesShop makes it so easy! 

GlassesShop offers so many varieties, shapes, and styles. There is even a quiz to determine the perfect shape and find the perfect pair for your facial features! I personally love glasses with style and personality. 

There are plenty of frames for men, women, and kids. Plenty of types are available too: sunglasses, prescription glasses, reading glasses, without or with progressive lenses, with transition lenses, with frames meant for sports, with blue light blockers. There are even clip on sunglasses to go over your prescription glasses too. 

As we head into summer, protect your eyes with a pair of glasses from GlassesShop. These quality but cheap eyeglasses  will have everyone asking you where you bought your latest pair of frames from! I definitely recommend and am already considering a pair of Sports Frames. Their sports frames are designed for protection against high impact activity and can include prescription lenses if desired! The best part is, if you (or your active child) breaks a pair of glasses, it won't break the budget too bad! 

Want it? Get it!

After finding your prescription, head to GlassesShop to select your new pair of eyeglass frames and lenses! Don't forget to check out the current promotions and join their loyalty program. Collecting points will help save on future purposes. 

Be sure to select your appropriate type of lens and double-check your prescription before checking out. My prescription glasses always include transition lenses! 

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