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Make your life a true celebration with Sleeper party pajamas


Festive and Confident – Sleeper Party Pajamas Were Made to Radiate Those Feelings

What would you do if you found a brand that could give you clothes for any occasion of your life? It can be a hard task to find something appropriate for special events, not to mention finding clothes that you would wear afterward. Well, fortunately, you can have the joy of owning such outfits with Sleeper daily. You can find comfortable and fashionable clothes for everyday life in the stock. These items successfully combine elegance and practicality, proving that style doesn’t necessarily need to be impertinent or flashy. 

Good party pajamas or loungewear are all about minimalism and precise attention to detail. Let’s take Sleeper as an example! Their every garment, from a loungewear dress to a feathery pajama suit, is a quintessence of these values. The outfits not only radiate sophistication but also represent an idea of effortless and natural beauty. One of Sleeper’s statements is that all you need for your good looks is an outfit that makes you feel as comfortable as if you were at home. This, probably, should have been a basic motto for any fashion designer. Moreover, the quality of their work is also a contributing factor, which helps them align with their initial concept. They only use high-quality materials, and a lot of their designs are made out of natural fabrics too. Natural linen is what Sleeper uses most in its production. So, if you were looking to find an outfit for an upcoming hot season, this brand could be especially helpful to you. In addition, the best clothes are practical as well: you can mix and match them with absolutely anything from your regular closet, adjusting them to your mood and needs. Let’s overview some more examples.

The Iconic Pajama Suits

Sleeper was launched eight years ago as a brand of affordable elegant pajama sets. Their first-ever clothing line was represented by black and white pajama suits. Since then, this outfit has become the brand’s signature piece. However, as the brand continued to evolve and broadened its assortment, it has also made some adjustments to the initial idea of the design. And with a little bit of a twist, the collection of Sleeper Party Pajamas was born. This design has become so iconic, that not only do most fashion-lovers know about it, but some of the outfits have even been noticed featuring in TV shows like “And Just like that”. 

 and “Emily in Paris” 

The Party pajama set is made out of 100% viscose, making it pleasant for the skin and not so hard to manage. Black, white, and red pajamas are designed with mother-of-pearl buttons, tonal piping on the shirt, and the most prominent detail – detachable feather cuffs. The trimmings on the ankle-length pants are made out of ostrich feathers, and an option to take them off makes the care after the suit even easier. Besides, this also means you can adjust an outfit depending on the kind of occasion you're dealing with:

  • If it's more of a casual setting, you can take off the feather cuffs and combine the pants with a regular shirt and a blazer.

  • For more festive looks just leave the feathery cuffs on, add some jewelry, and a pair of heels, and you are already looking as chic as ever!

  • You can also wear the shirt separately from the set paired up with jeans or classy trousers – a perfect outfit for regular errands.

Other Not-So-Loungewear Designs

We have mentioned the Party Collection with pink PJs with feathers being extremely popular among customers all over the world. These chic designs received so much adoration, that a more festive variant has been introduced into this line too – pajama suits with double feathers, both on the pants and the shirt. However, besides these pink and red pajamas, there are also other options in stock.

Could you agree that the celebration of life is all about dedicating the little moments in our life to self-care? And all of the designs in your wardrobe should speak of those exact notions of self-love, care, comfort, and, of course, versatility. Take for example another one of the interesting designs – the Venera lounge suit with pants. It emanates flirty and fun vibes, yet looks extra smart too. The shimmering stretch-Lurex and a tailored silhouette make this suit so comfortable, that it could be worn as well while grocery shopping, as while having a blast at a nightclub. The same can be said about Sleeper’s Boudoir pants with feathers or about knitted cardigans. Having been made as separate items, they, unsurprisingly, make a great outfit when put on together. They also have that same dash of practicality, as every other Sleeper piece has: you can wear those feathery pants around the house, or put them on for a fancy brunch with mimosas – you will fit in either way.

The Brand of the Widest Range of Garment Choice

The practicality and uniqueness of the presented clothes are among of many reasons for the popularity of this brand. However, there is also one other cause of such huge adoration of the label – the versatility of options. Now, besides classy black and white and quirky blue and pink PJs with feathers, the brand also offers a whole variety of dresses, lounge suits, athleisure wear, swimwear, and even shoes. They have even introduced their authentic Bridal Collection, with Opera and Paloma designs being almost the central pieces of the whole line. And the variety of shoe options Sleeper has to offer is also astounding, especially for what seemed to be just a pajama brand. Silk flats, shearling slippers, strappy sandals, mules, and clogs – options for any foot and liking. They have also extended their color and print palettes, so now you can refresh your wardrobe not only with new styles and designs but also with bright tones.

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