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Luxury Bridesmaids Gift Ideas


When you're planning your wedding, so much goes into it, from who your event coordinator will be, cake tastings, dress fittings, wedding balloons, and beyond. Something that sometimes gets overlooked and rushed is your bridesmaid's gifts. While there are plenty of fun gifts to give the ladies that will share your big day with you, a lot of times, these turn out to be cliche presents that eventually find their way to donation centers. There is nothing wrong with gifting bridesmaids monogrammed tumblers or makeup pouches, but what if you had a ready list of gifts they'd treasure. While they may not be tailor-made to represent your big day, they are valuable items that the girls will cherish and use. 

With sustainability being at the forefront of everyone's minds, these days - even when planning their weddings, going the route of forever gifts for your bridesmaids is not only innovative but sustainable. So, let's dive into some luxury bridesmaid's gifts they'll appreciate for a lifetime. 

Silk Robes for Everyone 

Many brides enjoy the time spent getting their hair and makeup done as well as donning their wedding dresses in the company of their bridesmaids. We've all seen the monogrammed bridesmaid's robes, which are beautiful to be sure, but why not kick things up a notch? Instead of buying them terry cloth robes with their initials monogrammed on them, give them luxurious silk robes instead, sans monogram. If you want to add a unique and memorable touch, buy the robes in the same color as the bridesmaid's dresses you've chosen. 

Speaking of Relaxing 

While you have been working tirelessly to plan your big day, your bridesmaids have likely been by your side, helping you in significant ways too. Why not treat all of them (and yourself) to a relaxing spa day before the event. A great day to do this would be the day of the rehearsal dinner, which typically occurs the day before the wedding. Not only will they love indulging in the treatments you plan for them, but it's also something they use, making it indulgent and sustainable. If you're constricted by budget, you can select one treatment instead of a whole day. Facials or mani/pedis are excellent substitutes if you're limited financially. 

Fine Jewelry 

You no doubt spent a lot of time deciding on your bridal jewelry for your dream wedding; after all, you're going to keep it for the rest of your life. And possibly pass it down for generations to come. Consider giving your bridesmaids the gift of a piece of fine jewelry. You can go with a dainty gold chain or sustainable jewelry for a minimalist approach or beautiful earrings that are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit. If your girls are coming from out of town for your wedding, a thoughtful touch could be buying pieces made by a local jeweler to remind them not only of your day but your hometown every time they wear them. A special bracelet capturing the theme of your wedding, like a sea turtle bracelet for a beach wedding, can add a special touch to your big day. 

Luxe Garment Bag 

Hopefully, you chose bridesmaid's dresses with a timeless feel and, more importantly, can be worn for other occasions. Gone are the days of taffeta and ridiculous color schemes with lace gloves and over-the-top floral hats for bridesmaids. Show the girls at your wedding party how much you appreciate them standing beside you on your big day by gifting them a luxurious garment bag.

We're not talking about something you can find at any big box store. Search online and find the most high-end or designer garment bag your budget allows and go with those. Depending on the size of your bridal party, this is very doable. Additionally, your loved ones will be able to use this garment bag to get their bridesmaid's dresses safely home and on trips in the future for other pieces. 

Gifts for Expecting Mothers

For the expecting mothers in your wedding party, a whole new field of gift ideas opens up. You can find plenty of cute options for helping your bridesmaid celebrate before her big day: for example, if she loves to golf, a gender reveal golf ball that “explodes” when it could be part of a gift package that also includes gender reveal party stickers, mom-to-be sashes, baby shower boxes, and so on. Or if you’d rather buy for the baby, wooden toys from Germany, heirloom blankets, a silver rattle, and even crochet baby shoes would fit the bill.

Selecting bridesmaids is an important decision that every bride-to-be must make—determining who makes the cut and who doesn't is a tough choice in part of your planning. With that in mind, you've likely selected women that mean the world to you and lift you. Show them how much their support for you during this milestone means investing in quality, luxurious bridesmaid's gifts. Let the above-mentioned gift ideas be your guide or at least a starting point to get you thinking outside the monogrammed wine glass and makeup pouch box. And then you can go back to helping the bride planning easier things, like where to buy the wedding sparklers or which DJ to book.

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