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Kick Summer Off with a Johnson's Popcorn Delivery!


Special thanks to Johnson's for sending this gift set and caramel sauce in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

For many folks, family beach trips are a summer "must".  Along the East Coast, there are many spots that families return to, year after year. Personally, I was one of the lucky souls to grow up within 30-45 mins drive to our Maryland beaches, so it felt like we spent our summers on the boardwalk. 

Each beach boardwalk has its own staples that visitors love to return to, year after year. Every summer, I find myself pining away for the brands and foods that I resemble from my childhood and young adult years. 

There are still many places up and down the eastern seaboard that I have not visited, including the Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk. I've been told it resembles the Ocean City, MD boardwalk that I grew up near. 

My Ocean City is slightly older than the Jersey counterpart by 4 years, but that doesn't mean that each has its own history, its own family-owned stands that have stood the ages, and its own unique draws to bring visitors in. 

For Jersey folks and Jersey memories, Johnson's Popcorn will stand the test of time. Started in 1940, the company was originally a summer staple and summer-only business. Over time, it has grown and morphed, so much so that they now offer shipping of favorite items!

One of my favorite summer boardwalk foods is caramel popcorn. I associate this food with sun, sand, surf, and joy. In fact, I rarely see it advertised or offered outside of beach locations. 

This summer, even if you can't get to the beach, Ocean City, New Jersey's Johnson's Popcorn can come to you! Originally hand-made and hand-mixed, the sugary goodness has transformed into many types of flavors, each bringing its own unique taste right to your home. 

The classic caramel is still popped in a kettle, then is hand mixed with its luxurious liquids, solidifying into the amazing popcorn we love and know today. Available in tub sixes from small to large, you will certainly find that this popcorn will fill your tummy and taste buds! 

 If perhaps, you want an extra crunch in your caramel popcorn, add the Peanut Crunch to your order. This Spanish peanut mix will delight your senses, give you a nut pop with the sugary caramel flavor.

Sugary Popcorn flavors not your thing? Never fear because Johnson's offers Cheddar, Sweet + Salty, and Butter flavors as well. Each of these flavors still uses the classic Johnson's touch to make it and prepare it to be sent to your home. Perhaps if you want just a sweet addition on top of your popcorn, check out the Chocolate Drizzled or Platinum flavors too.

Just plain not sure what to buy? Maybe you remember loving caramel popcorn, but your loved ones prefer other flavors? Or perhaps you want to surprise your loved one, but just aren't sure what they would like? The gift basket options are definitely for you. 

The Popcorn Lovers basket is for all folks who love popcorn but like a variety. I do have to say, that in the years of eating boardwalk caramel popcorn, sometimes it's nice to have something with a salty kick to offset the sweetness. 

This basket comes with:

(1) - 5 oz. caramel tub
(1) - 5 oz. cheddar tub
(1) - 5 oz. peanut tub
(1) - 5 oz. butter tub. 

The gift-set is wrapped in cellophane and is ready to instantly give or send to your loved one! 

One of my favorite additions offered by Johnson is their caramel sauce in a jar.  The caramel sauce can be used on top of so many desserts like ice cream, or you can make your own popcorn at home! After all, popcorn does have  a shelf life! 

Party favors, gear, and corporate orders are all available as well. Visit the website to see what goodies you might find for this year's summer bash! Maybe a grad party is coming up, a birthday or family reunion celebration.. no matter what it is, Johnson's can arrange for various sized party favor units!

As we head towards Memorial Day, you may be thinking about all of your summer plans. Include Johnson's Popcorn in the line-up and have some joy shipped right to your home! Flat rate shipping is included in the price of your product and order, so while included, there are no additional fees. 

Want it? Get it!

Select your favorite popcorn and have Johnson's sent to yours or your loved one's home to kick summer off! 

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What's your favorite summer tradition?


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