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How to Travel After College Graduation on a Budget

 There are plenty of ways to see the world after college graduation. Of course, after spending four or more years of your life in school, you might not have a very large savings account. If you want to travel, you can still do so inexpensively before you are tied down to a full-time job and other responsibilities.

Be Creative About Transportation

While it is convenient to fly or take a cab, but that doesn’t mean it is always the cheapest. Being creative with your transportation can help you save money. Buses are an excellent travel method, as routes connect thousands of cities around the world. There are large intercity buses that can take you long-distance from city to city, instead of the public buses that you are likely used to seeing. In addition to being inexpensive, buses are also efficient and eco-friendly, which makes this a preferred way of travel. You can get from place to place in the same amount of time as driving, however you don’t have to deal with the traffic frustrations as you would behind the wheel of a car. You can book cheap bus tickets online to help find the best deals, which is perfect for new grads.

Find Some Form of Temporary Work

While you will want to spend much of your travel time exploring, you might want to pick up temporary remote work to help with some expenses. It essentially means living from your laptop as you travel the world. You can take on a variety of clients when working remotely, whether you take part in freelance writing, transcription, or teaching. However, if you contract with a company, make sure you are clear about whether or not work will be conducted in your home country, especially if it has to do with the legal industry. Some companies may have rules about where work can be conducted, and breaking these rules can be a breach of contract. Still, if you can find remote work and a cheap country to travel in, you can stretch every last cent.

Make Sure to Get Travel Insurance

You may not be inclined to spend money on what seems like just another expense. However, it can actually save you money if there is an accident. If you have limited funds and are in an accident while abroad, travel insurance can be lifesaving, and it doesn't cost that much when you compare it to the potential cost of being stuck without it.

Traveling in Cheaper Areas

Not every destination is the same, and some areas might impact your expenses more than others. For example, while Dubai tends to be on the more expensive side of the spectrum, countries like Thailand often have much lower costs of living. Doing your research and picking cheaper destinations allows you to stretch what limited funds you have. If you pick an area that is not known for its tourist attractions as much as other places, you may end up spending less as well. Plus, choosing less touristy destinations can help you have a more real experience.

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