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How to Get Ready for a House Move


Moving to a new home - whether you choose to switch your current place for an apartment for rent in los angeles or a house in NYC - can be daunting if you are not organized about it. Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing as something important is bound to get lost or left behind. This guide is broken down into categories to help you stay on top of things.

DIY or Hiring a Moving Company

The most important task is to decide if you are going to use a moving company or if you are going to do the move yourself. If your new address is fairly close to your old home, you can save a lot of money by moving everything except the big items with the help of friends or hiring a trailer for the day. However, if you are relocating across state, then you will likely need to get a company to transport the bulk of your household items. 

The easiest, and most expensive way to move, is to get in a company that packs up and moves your entire household. They bring the boxes, protect your furniture with bubble wrap, and take all the serious effort out of the project. The cheapest moving option is to do it yourself.

Pre-Packing Planning

Regardless of who is doing your move, there are some important pre-packing planning issues to attend to. The first one is to sort out what you are taking with you and what you need to get rid of. Get the kids involved in going through their toys and clothes to see what they no longer need. This will keep them out of your hair while you are seeing to the rest of the clutter.

Once you have a pile of items you are throwing out, hold a garage sale. Donate anything you didn’t sell to a suitable charity, such as Hospice.

If you have a lot of waste to dispose of, you may need a service that collects it. Dumpster services are available across North America and Canada. Waste Connections is one such company providing dumpster services, and they are focused on sustainable waste solutions. 

Now you can estimate how many boxes you will need for the remaining household goods. You will need this information for your removal company to give you a quote and to arrange insurance.

Documents and Valuables

Collect all the documents pertaining to the move and the new house in one place. Add other important documentation, such as passports and school reports, to the pile. Place everything in a secure folder. 

You should not entrust your valuables, such as jewelry, to the moving company. You also want to ensure that you do not mislay them. Take photos of everything in the event that you have to claim from insurance. Bubble wrap is still the most secure way to contain them.

Put your folder and valuables into a suitcase that will travel with you in the family car. A box is more vulnerable to tearing or breaking open. 

On the day before your move, include any items you will need immediately such as phone chargers, a change of clothing (go for something light), medication, and toiletries. 

Moving with Pets

Regardless of how carefully you plan your move, your pets will already become anxious when you start packing boxes. A useful natural product is rescue remedy. If you have an extremely nervous pet, speak to your vet for something stronger to give them on the big day.

Before the movers arrive, place your pets in an empty bathroom with cat litter, newspaper for dogs, water, and food. This will avoid the stress of not being able to find an animal when it is time to get in the car. 

Just prior to loading your pets, take your dogs for a walk on their leashes. This will give them some exercise as they will not have much room for movement once the journey begins.

When you get to your new home, once again lock them in an empty room while the movers are unloading. You will want to keep your cats indoors for the first week as they get accustomed to their living arrangements to prevent them from running off and possibly returning to the old house.

A Few Extra Tips

If you have a dresser drawer containing clothes, you can bubble wrap this. After the move, all you need do is place it in the right spot and remove the packaging.

Clothes that are on hangers can be grouped into sixes and placed in a black garbage bag. This will make it easier to simply transfer them to their new racks.

Items such as dishware, glassware, and framed photographs can be wrapped in tea towels, linen, or newspapers to keep them from shattering. Bubble wrap your packed cutlery tray to keep everything together before placing it in a moving box.

If your entertainment unit has complicated wiring, take a few photos to show you how to reconnect it again. Place all wiring, extension cords, plugs, etc. into the same box and label it clearly.

With a bit of planning, your move can be done with minimum stress for the whole family.

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