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Give Mom The Gift Of Organization This Mother's Day With M.C. Squares

Thanks to M.C. Squares for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

One of the toughest parts of parenthood is staying organized.

I'm a fairly organized gal, married to a fairly organized guy and yet we still struggle at times. I have found that when we keep our lives organized, our kids tend to be more successful in their lives too. Modeling organization is important to me, especially for my youngest kiddo who really struggles in this area. This Mother's Day, M.C. Squares has absolutely everything that every mom needs to keep life running smoothly!

When I first discovered M.C. Squares, what intrigued me the most was the way these unique products adhere to surfaces. There is no residue left behind. You simply peel and stick to a shiny surface like windows or appliances. It's pretty amazing! Write, stick, erase and repeat over 2000 times. Special markers are included that are wet-erase and the colors are so vibrant.

I've been practicing daily affirmations on this reusable "to do" list that comes in a 6-pack with included marker. Hey you - have you practiced these five things today? You should! 

Another one of my favorites is the reusable monthly calendar. When I tell you that I do not know how I functioned before this calendar! What was I doing with my life? I know we all use the calendars on our phones and that's fantastic for us. However, I have a 9 and an 11 year old. They do not have phones nor digital calendars of any kind. They typically keep agendas for their school work but life is so much more than school. I stuck the calendar to our fridge and have put all of the important dates in our month. It has helped my boys so much. I will change out the month with the erasable markers each time and have even assigned each boy a color!

Check out how the calendar sticks to my fridge. I'm so amazed! I had just gotten the calendar and put a few dates on but now, it's packed. We look at this calendar every single day. Like I said, I have no idea how we functioned without it. 

Having trouble keeping track of cleaning chores? The cleaning bundle makes it so easy to remember! There are interchangeable categories for days of the week or rooms of the house. I expect to put this to use this summer once the extra chores kick into play. During the school year, chores are minimal because school and sports are pretty demanding. This is a great way for kids and adults alike to make sure they are checking off those cleaning tasks. 

M. C. Squares offer many different products for home organization in addition to the stick-on products. They sell hand-held white boards which are perfect for classrooms or the work place, larger white boards, meal and fitness planning products as well as different sticky note sizes and markers of all colors! 


If you can't tell, I'm absolutely obsessed with these products and cannot wait for you to try them out for yourself. If there is a mama in your life who would love M.C. Squares, head over to their website and place your order! You can also stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thanks so much to our friends at M.C. Squares for partnering with us this Mother's Day. You can check out these products and more in our handy gift guide



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