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Get Expert Advice: When to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

 It's happened to all of us - you're driving along and suddenly a rock comes flying up from the road and smacks your windshield, leaving a nasty chip or crack. What do you do? If you're like most people, you probably try to ignore it and hope it goes away. But that's not the best course of action - sooner or later that chip or crack is going to get bigger, and when it does you'll be faced with either a costly auto glass repair job or a full windshield replacement.

So how do you know which option is right for your car?

The best way to find out is to take it to an auto glass expert and have them take a look. They'll be able to assess the damage and tell you whether it can be repaired or if you need a new windshield. Trying to repair the windshield yourself could make the damage worse.

Keep in mind that windshield cracks can come from various sources, and not all damage is the same. While a small chip may seem insignificant, its location could make it more prone to spreading. A crack that's close to the edge of the windshield is also more likely to spread than one that's in the middle.

When to Replace the Windshield?

There are several apparent instances where replacing the windshield is the obvious option for you. For example, when a rock hits your windshield and it creates a hole or it developed a few chips, then replacement is the best option for you.  Also, if the crack is bigger than six inches or it's in your line of sight, then you need to replace the windshield.

If the crack is more than three inches long, if it's in your line of sight, or if it's close to the edge of the windshield, then you'll probably need a new windshield.

Remember, the windshield glass consists of 2 layers of glass, so it's durable.

The process of replacing the windshield is simple and straightforward. The auto glass company will come to your house or office, remove the old windshield, clean up the area, and install the new windshield.

The type of windshield glass will depend on the make and model of your car.

If you have a newer car, it will likely have laminated glass, which is made of two layers of glass with a plastic layer in between. This type of glass is more resistant to shattering.

Older cars usually have tempered glass, which is made of one piece of heated and cooled glass. This type of glass is more likely to shatter into small, harmless pieces if it's hit by a rock or other object.

The entire process usually takes about an hour or two.

When to Repair the Windshield?

If the crack is shorter than three inches and isn't in your line of sight, then you can probably get away with just repairing it.

Repairing a windshield is pretty straightforward. First, the area around the crack is cleaned. Then, a resin is injected into the crack. After that, the resin is cured with ultraviolet light.

The entire process usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour as well. The repair will cost you, but it will be cheaper than replacing the windshield.

One of the things to remember is when you noticed a breakage or chip, the longer you wait to have it repaired, the higher the chance for a replacement. It's because minor chips can spread out within a matter of days.


A car’s windshield is one of its most important safety features. If you accidentally ding or crack it, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Often, car owners are unable to decide whether to get this structure repaired or replaced. When such a conundrum arises, it is always ideal to show your windshield damage to an auto glass expert. Remember, windscreen cracks can come from various sources, and not all damage is the same. While a small chip may seem insignificant, its effects could worsen over time. So don't take any chances - consult with an auto glass specialist! We, at Krygler Glass, can help you out. Message us today!

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