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Thanks to Sonett for sending these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Cleaning and chores.  Two things that I really don't like, but must do on occasion to keep germs at bay and my home feeling fresh and liveable. I don't like clutter, and with a smaller space, most clutter is minimal. Deep cleaning is often a must to keep mold from setting in the bathrooms, to keep the floors relatively shiny and free of grime, and to keep the dust at bay. 

While I am far from using only eco-friendly products, I am aware of what is in cleaning products and how they affect my health.  I now have new tiling in the bathroom, but last year, was having a hard time keeping the shower grout clean (because, well, bathrooms, high humidity = formation of mold) and had to get some pretty abrasive products to keep it at bay. Those products often gave me headaches, had a very intense smell, and obviously weren't good for my health. 

I'm excited that Sonett USA is committed to be eco-friendly while providing products to customers that aid our health rather than destroy it. Using safe resources, free from GMO's, pesticides, these organic products can help keep our homes clean and our lives healthier. These products are sold in 45 different countries, are 100% biodegradable, use natural products and oils, organic, and vegan. 

I received several goodies from Sonnet: Floor Cleaner, Lavender Multi-Surface + Glass Cleaner (Lavender), Toilet Cleaner (Mint/Myrtle), Hand Soap (Citrus), and Laundry Liquid (Mint + Lemon) + a stain removal spray. 

Hand Soap is a necessity in life. This soap doesn't dry my hands out, even after excessive washes when cooking or cleaning. It is nourishing and has a clear citrus smell that livens up my senses! 

I have tools that make things easier to dust and sweep, but mopping is something I hate. Laminate/ Vinyl flooring means I have to think about how much liquid, the type of cleaner, and what type of mopping I want to use, particularly to avoid streaks and make sure dirt and grime is picked up. Plain water and a sweeper mop works for light detail, but not for heavy treaded items. Using the Sonnet floor cleaner in just one setting, I already see a difference in my floors. There is not a "film" that covers them, there is no stickiness, and the greasy grimy spots are mostly gone! 

Using the Sonett Floor cleaner, this mopping fluid is made for  tiles, stone, wood, cork, parquet flooring, laminate, linoleum and synthetic flooring. It claims to protect flooring and helps build up a natural wax layer. I have to say, I'm not proud of how dirty the water was, and even for my 1100 sq ft apartment, I ended up emptying the bucket 3 times. Ick. At least I know this cleaner is doing its job! Make sure to dilute it in water, following the instructions on the bottle. I didn't notice any scents in this cleaner.

Next up, the toilet cleaner is super easy to use. Squirt it around the rim of your toilet and watch all the grime and deposit float away as you scrub. After a week out of town, this was much needed in my home, as rings had built up around the rims and bowls.  It came out super shiny and smelled so nice!

The Multi-Surface spray does NOT disinfect, but is good to keep counters, glass, tile clean and clear. For disinfected, check out their surface disinfectant product. There's also a separate bathroom + shower cleaner that says it removes greasy dirt and limescale deposits. I'm an advocate for using cleaners that can be used on more than one service, so I really do like the Multi-Surface spray. It is great for the stove, great for appliances, mirrors, and sinks! I really do love the lavender scent. Even in the kitchen, it adds a bonus after unpleasant food smells might linger. 

The laundry detergent smells so good! It doesn't cause my skin to itch, seems to get clothing and linens clean, and there doesn't seem to be any residues left in the fibers like other detergents too. I haven't used the spray yet, but I know when I will need it, it's here for me! 

So far, all the Sonett products I've used have indicated that their quality is great, their cleaning does work, and that they shouldn't harm me like chemical filled products. No headaches have developed, which often occurred using other types of sprays and cleaners. My skin feels soft after use and my appliances, floors, and tiling looks so clear!

Whether your spring-cleaning game is taking a bit longer, whether you are stocking up for the summer beach or camping trips, or whether your  weekly cleaning supplies needs to be restocked, I highly recommend Sonett. There is certainly a product that will meet your needs!

Want it? Get it!

Sonett Products are available to purchase on their website and amazon. 

You could be surprised and find them in your local Walmart or Grocery Store as well! 

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