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Beating the Heat

This weekend is beautiful, but man oh man is it hot.  What a time to lose central air! To be fair our unit is really old and proper maintainence was not done and we are paying the price.  We have a new system being put in but covid is rearing its ugly head again and causing delays. So what do you do? 

This first thing I did was cook a ton of food Friday night while the temps were down. This way we dont have to turn the stove on. First thing Saturday morning we ran to BJs and bought a portable air conditioner. Could us humans do without it? Yes! Could our pets? Nope! Yes, we bought an air conditioner for our cat and dog. 

The heat is supposed to die down during the week, but until then it looks like dinners will be from the microwave or cold sandwiches. The ice cream store will be visited frequently and time for another hair cut. 

How are you beating the heat?

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