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Balancing Life with The Belairs

Hello mommy friends and family! Do you ever struggle between work and life balance? I sure do. I struggle to find the balance and get enough time to do all the things I need and want to do. 

I scheduled Thor's grooming appointment for this weekend and for some reason I noted it twice in my calendar.  One for Saturday and one for today. Thank goodness for text reminders because he is going today. With the heat wave that hit this week, I didn't even leave the house yesterday.  I didn't do any chores and spent the day reading and catching up on sleep. I feel judged by the dog. 

I have to get chores done and while I created my chore list for the week, I have ignored it almost since the day I created it.  I get overwhelmed doing all these household chores so I decided to break each task down by room so I'd be less overwhelmed.  It worked for a week, but now I clean when I want to. That is such a bad habit for me. So while today should be my lazy day, I have to do chores.  

I hope your weekend ends on a good note.

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