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Are there Nursing Bras? 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Maternity Clothes


As a first-time mom, there is so much to learn about all things related to parenthood. While you’re preparing for your little one’s arrival with all of the baby’s necessities like a stroller, crib, and an entire wardrobe, there’s one important thing you don’t want to forget. You will need new things to keep up with motherhood during and after pregnancy.

The need for maternity clothes doesn’t come to an end after you give birth. You might find yourself still needing to wear your maternity clothes – which is completely normal! A few items you definitely want to keep on hand are great maternity underwear, especially nursing bras. As you’re shopping for post-partum comfort, read on for valuable information you might not have known you needed.

Functional Nursing Bras

As a new mom choosing to breastfeed, your body will nourish your baby. Your little one will eat about 8 to 10 times per day. You want the experience to be as simplified as possible for both you and your baby. The best way to make the process doable is with a functional nursing bra.

When shopping for a nursing bra, you’ll want to look for ones that make it easy to pull your breast out and is convenient for your needs. Some nursing bras have a clasp in the front you can undo to expose your breast. The best clasp is easy to undo with one hand since you’ll likely have your little one in your arms already.

Another type of nursing bra is one with a crossover front that allows you to easy pull the fabric to the side to expose the breast. Crossover front nursing bras are great for night feedings where you might be too tired to bother with clasps. When shopping for this type of bra, look for one that’s hardware free since these are best for those sleep feedings, and you’ll want something super comfortable to both feed and sleep in. 

Breastfeeding can be challenging for many moms, and you may experience discomfort. Finding a nursing bra that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t irritate your breasts is super important. You will especially want something comfortable if you’ll be sleeping in a nursing bra. Look for a nursing bra that’s wireless with a soft fabric to maintain your comfort.

Nursing Bras That Make Pumping Easier

Among plenty of other things, moms are incredible multi-taskers. And if you’re a mom planning to pump you will want to make the most out of your time. Pumping can be an exhausting experience when you have to be hands-on with expressing milk. Luckily, there are nursing bras that make this process much smoother.

There are nursing bras available that function to assist with nursing and pumping. This type of nursing bra has slits that allow you to attach your pump to your breast without taking off the bra. The best part? The bra holds the pump into place so your hands are free to do whatever you need to do, whether it’s fold some laundry or scroll through your phone. 

Discover Ultimate Post-Partum Comfort

The fourth trimester of your pregnancy, the post-partum period three months after you give birth, can be a whirlwind. You’re recovering from giving birth, your body is changing, and you are taking care of a newborn. It’s a lot!

Your body has been incredible in helping you grow and feed your body so, treat your body with kindness by prioritizing your comfort. In addition to comfortable nursing bras, shop for maternity underwear that feels good against your skin. Yes, maternity underwear is a great option for post-partum, not just during pregnancy.

Whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via cesarean section, you’ll be feeling tender down there. You want space and comfort to allow yourself to heal. Search for maternity briefs or boyshorts that won’t cause further discomfort. You want something that’s supportive and feels natural to you, not something that makes you feel like you’re wearing a diaper.

You may not be ready to reach for your pre-pregnancy bras and panties for a while, and that’s okay. Allow yourself to enjoy the simple comforts nursing bras and maternity underwear can give you. 

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