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8 Things to Consider When Shopping for Wedding Dresses

 If you are newly engaged, you have probably already started thinking about what you will wear on your big day. Realistically, you have probably been fantasizing about your dress since you were a little girl. With all that time spent dreaming about your wedding dress, you probably feel ready to jump right into the shopping process. While this is an exciting and fun experience for a bride, there are some things that you should consider before you start shopping to make the process as fun and seamless as possible.

Before You Shop

1.      Determine Your Budget

Before you do anything else, you need to set your budget. Decide what the maximum amount you would like to spend on your dress is, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of shoes and accessories. Once you have determined your budget, share it with your consultant and ask them to not show you any dresses that exceed that amount. This will help you avoid falling in love with a dress you cannot afford. This happens all too often and is a heartbreaking and disappointing experience for a bride.

2.      Call Ahead

Most bridal stores do not take walk-ins. They are not set up like a traditional store where you can come and browse through racks of dresses. A consultant will need to help you select and try on dresses, so make sure you are making an appointment ahead of time. You will also want to make sure that the store you’ve chosen has dresses that fit your style and budget preferences. You don’t want to waste your time shopping at a store that doesn’t stock dresses in the style you desire.  

3.      Choose Your Team

Make sure that you are selecting your dress hunting crew wisely. A common mistake that brides make is bringing too many people to the bridal shop. This opens the door for (often unwanted) opinions and comments that could make you doubt your choices. While you want to bring a couple trusted companions to help determine what looks good on you, the decision should be yours at the end of the day. Make sure your team understands your vision and respects your personal taste and style.

4.      Have an Idea of What You Want

Wedding dresses come in hundreds of different shapes, styles, materials and fits so it helps to come with an idea of what you are looking for. Having inspiration photos is always a good idea, as is knowing what the theme of your wedding will be. It is also helpful to have an idea of which type of silhouette you would like. Choose descriptors such as classic, bohemian, or romantic to help your consultant get an idea of your personal style.

While You Shop

5.      Bring the Right Undergarments

All brides should show up to their dress shopping appointment in a nude thong and strapless nude bra. This will allow you to try on any type of dress without invasive undergarments obscuring the look of the dress. If you think there is a chance that you will wear Spanx on the day, bring those too.

6.      Bring the Right Shoes

While you may not have your exact wedding shoes picked out before you dress shop, you should have an idea of the height and style of heel you plan to wear. Bring a pair that matches what you will wear on the day so you can try them with your dress. This is important for a couple reasons. First being that it will help you get a more accurate picture of how the dress will look on the day. The second reason is to avoid extra fittings. Your posture, and therefore the fit of the dress, will change when you don a pair of heels. If you originally get fitted in flip flops, you may need alterations once you try on the dress with your heels. 

7.      Trying On the Right Amount of Dresses

There is a sweet spot with the amount of wedding dresses you should try on. You are most likely not going to fall in love with the very first dress you try so it is important to try as many as you need to find the right one. However, trying on too many dresses in one appointment can get overwhelming and frustrating quickly, so try to limit yourself if you get to this point.

8.      Stay true to Yourself

If you come in with a clear vision and you know exactly what you want, don’t let the opinions of others get in your way. It is important to stay true to yourself and make sure that you genuinely love the dress you pick out. This is your day, and you deserve to have a dress that makes you feel confident and excited to walk down the aisle. 

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