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7 Easy Father's Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make


It’s almost June. And more than the meteorological start of summer comes Father’s Day. Our dads are so special to us and every dad loves to get a homemade gift from their children that’s filled with love and wonder and youthful creativity. Here are some easy Father’s Day craft ideas that the kids can get started on to show their appreciation.

1. Cards

This has got to be the absolute easiest craft around. All you need is paper of any size and some decorative elements like stickers, markers, paints, string or glitter. Just lay out the supplies and let the children go for it. You are sure to find a great card here to accompany your homemade crafts for Dad.

2. Picture Frame

Wooden craft sticks, small rocks and resin are just some of the materials that can be used to make dad a picture frame. Stack and glue wood craft sticks together in a square or glue rocks to a square piece of thick paper or thin acrylic. Feeling ambitious? Try your hand at resin. You’ll need a mold if you try this one out.

3. Key Chain

All you need for a fun key chain is markers and shrink film. Let the kids draw their design on the shrink film and then shrink them with heat according to the instructions. The kids may find it particularly fun and challenging to trace a photo of themselves or the family to shrink. 

4. Pen and Pencil Holder

Here’s a way to upcycle a tin can. There are several options for decorating the can, so choose according to what you have on hand and the age of your little ones. You can wrap paper around the can and decorate it with pictures, paints, stickers or whatever imagination calls for. You can also Mod Podge some fabric onto the can. Have fun with it. 

5. Footprint Trophy

If you like to get a little messy with your crafts, grab some fingerpaint and step in it! Press the little foot onto the paper. Then add the handles or any other ornamental pieces to it. Don’t forget to tell him what he’s won: #1 Dad or Best Dad Jokes.

6. Pinch Bowl

Pinch bowls can be made from either salt dough or oven bake clay. Simply shape the material into a circle and pinch around the edge until it starts to resemble a bowl. Once it’s shaped you’ll want to bake it before decorating it with acrylic paint and sealing it with something like Mod Podge.

7. Grilling Apron

If your father is the grilling type, head on over to the craft store and get a blank apron and some fabric paints or paint markers. Put something behind the apron and let the kids draw pictures or write a phrase that fits their dad perfectly. 

Celebrate the best man in your lives. Let him know that he is loved and appreciated and worthy of a one of a kind original that will give him bragging rights for having such wonderful and creative children. Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to head to the craft store to pick up any supplies you might need, so you’ll be ready for Father’s Day.

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  1. Markers and shrink film are all you need to make a fun key chain. Allow the children to sketch their designs on the shrink film and then shrink them with heat as instructed. Tracing a photo of themselves or their family to shrink may be particularly entertaining and demanding for the kids.


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