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Why Are Shampoo Bars Environmentally Friendly?


Shampoo bars are all the rage these days because everywhere you can find such an excellent eco-friendly solution for your cleaning needs. Look into my favorite eco friendly shop too for some ideas and great products. 

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  1. Plastic Free

The greatest part about shampoo bars is that they are plastic-free and that is something that serves as the greatest factor in becoming eco-friendly. Shampoo bars are particularly one of the best solutions to your hygiene needs because they can literally be carried on without packaging and all that extra plastic and coverings are not needed.

  1. More Sustainable Than Recycling

One of the things that is often overlooked is the fact that shampoo bars are much more sustainable in comparison to recycling millions and millions of plastic bottles. Just imagine trying to reuse hundreds of millions of classic bottles or simply not making them in the first place and not using them. 

  1. Cruelty-Free

Shampoo bars do not harm animals and that is something that we all need to be really mindful about because large companies do not really care about the way they treat animals. animal cruelty is a very real factor in our society of today and people do not seem to be giving it that much importance because ultimately they are just animals. Shampoo bars do not need to be tested on animals. That is one of the greatest things about them because animals deserve a good life too.

  1. Natural Ingredients

Shampoo bars are not damaging to the hair because they contain natural ingredients and those natural ingredients do not strip your hair of the natural oils and essences that already reside in them. The natural ingredients are easy to obtain and do not require a lot of meddling in with chemicals and additives to make the shampoo glossy or a certain beautiful color just like in the bottles.The natural ingredients also make sure but your hair is not exposed to harsh chemicals that would usually make it look good in the moment but damage it in the long run.

  1. Convenient

Shampoo bars are easy to handle and very convenient to carry around. They are perfect for travelling and they can be easily taken with you anywhere you like. They take up very little space and help you back light if you are planning to travel or simply if you have a smaller bathroom. They go a long way so do not go on to their size because size does not matter when it comes to shampoo bars.So next time you are a little conscious about your space, you might want to opt for a shampoo bar instead of those huge bottles that take up space and destroy the planet.

  1. Water Savings

We are not talking about the shower water that is going to be wasted. Do you know that each shampoo bottle is approximately 70 to 80% water and where do you think all that water comes from? You would be doing water itself a favour if you were opting for shampoo bars because they do not require water in that much of a quantity.

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