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Vacuum Oven: What Do You Need to Know?


Do you need a five-star vacuum oven? You’re on the right page. 

A vacuum oven is the most sought-after laboratory equipment because of its even heat distribution, convenience, and efficiency. Below you’ll find out all about the machine, including the benefits and features.

What is a Vacuum Oven?

Vacuum ovens are machines that aid scientists, lab technicians, and cannabis extractors in many procedures. They use that machine in drying, baking, or disinfecting their samples in a vacuum environment. Moreover, they benefit from safely processing delicate, heat-sensitive, oxidizing, or explosive substances.

Engineers equip the vacuum oven with top-notch technology to help heat substances evenly and consistently. Moreover, you’ll remove toxic impurities cautiously and channel them away from your laboratory facility, thus protecting your health.

How Does a Vacuum Oven Work?

Technicians make the oven using a simple physics law. The principle states that substances boil faster when subjected to high temperatures (200 to 250°C) and low pressure in a vacuum. Consequently, the machine helps you evaporate the most stubborn solvents fast.

What are the Features and Benefits of a Vacuum Oven?

Dry Delicate Samples

You won’t blow away your powdered substances, as in the traditional ovens that use air circulation to dry, because there’s no airflow in the vacuum oven. 

The machine promotes an ideal environment for preserving labile samples. Therefore, you’ll get precise results on your procedures because there’s no loss or damage.

Spacious Vacuum Chamber

Do you need to dry many items? The vacuum oven got you covered. A standard machine holds between 6 to 21 liters, or sometimes more, and you’ll get the design in a round, square, or rectangular shape, depending on your taste.

Durability and Explosion Proof

Vacuum oven creators fortify the machine with thick, rugged sheets of stainless steel, which are leakproof, and supported with thick, high-density glass. That design process helps you clean the vacuum chambers easily. And handle inflammable items without worrying about a laboratory accident. Furthermore, designers fabricate the walls and join them with arc welding, giving a smooth finish.

Manufacturers know ‌explosions are a common problem in many labs. And the best way to reduce that fatal risk is through the vacuum chamber, as its material is formidable.

The sealed vacuum chamber enhances the oven’s durability by ensuring rust doesn’t spoil the appliance. You’ll get that effect in two ways: First, most gases present in the machine are inert. And because there’s no outside air that comes into contact with the oven. 

The Vacuum Chamber

The vacuum offers you a pressure range of up to -750mmHg. That low tension state makes the drying process more efficient than a conventional oven. 

Oven manufacturers ensure you get accuracy in your procedures by adding a digital vacuum display. And they fit vacuum intake and release valves on either side of the chamber for faster resetting of the machine, thus saving you time.

Sensor Controlled Temperature

Imagine the costs, time, and energy you would save with a high-quality vacuum. Those are the benefits you would get with the machine. It works through a PT100 temperature sensor, which is sensitive to minor temperature changes and signals the apparatus to adjust accordingly. You’ll also get a double display of the set value (SV) and process value (PV) through the microprocessor-based PID temperature controller.

Vacuum Pump

You’ll maximize your output and minimize the time between processes using the vacuum pump. That accessory works by removing gases and moisture from the vacuum chamber, thus helping you prepare for your subsequent procedures quickly. 

Choose a good oven depending on the following factors:

  • The capacity your oven carries and the ideal vacuum you need.

  • Whether your pump is portable and easy to carry.

  • The type and mass of vapor you’ll get from the heated samples.

Faster Cooling System

The vacuum oven helps you cool your vacuum chamber fast by expelling the heated air using inert gases such as xenon, nitrogen, or helium. And compared to the traditional vacuums, you won’t have to wait for long before drying your next batch of samples.

Improve Your Lab With the Best Vacuum Oven.

The vacuum oven provides you with the best benefits you could think of for your industry. Therefore, you'll get precise temperature control, rapid drying, durability, and a faster cooling system which saves you time, energy, and expenses. Moreover, you’ll dry delicate items such as cosmetics, food, cannabis raw materials, and more without causing damage.

Purchase the ideal oven for your laboratory. And if you have a specific need or customization request, ‌contact the company.

About the author: Nikolay Stoyanov is the Chief Executive Officer at CBDAdvertising.agency – an elite CBD SEO company based in Denver, Colorado.

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