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Tips for Traveling With Your Pup


Planning a road trip with your beloved pup can bring about some nerves! This easy checklist will help you as you plan your next trip.

1. Plan your route to be dog-friendly, with plenty of rest areas that include areas to take a short walk or potty break.
2. Snacks! Be sure to pack a bag of your pet’s favorite treats.
Also, pick up a travel water bowl and pack plenty of water. 
3. Give your dog space in the vehicle to lie down in a comfy spot including some of their favorite toys and blankets. 
4. Make sure your pet is fully vetted and is healthy for a trip.
5. Secure your pet with a car strap. 
6. Before hitting the road, exercise your pet! A tired pet is a happy pet. 
7. Take frequent breaks and pay attention to your pet’s stress level. 
8. Give him or her lots of love and keep the routine close to normal at the vacation spot!

With a lot of love and some easy steps, your vacation can include your fur baby!

Lindsey Stratmann 

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