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The Right Ways to Pack Glass When Moving


Packing fragile items is not a bit harder than packing other items. You need to get the suitable packing materials and pack right to ensure your items arrive in one piece. Failure to pack well or use suitable packing materials, you may end up breaking your glassware or injuring yourself. 

Whether you are moving independently or want to engage NYC office movers, it is essential to use the right ways when packing your glassware. Here are a few tips on how to pack your glasses when moving. 

Packing glass when moving

1. Purchase suitable packing materials

Packing glasses when relocating is not a simple task. Hence, you need to get suitable packing materials for the job. Your main aim is to make sure your glassware is well protected during the move. 

So, before you get down to the task, here are some of the packing materials you need for packing. 

*Packing boxes – to ensure the glasses are safe, you need to get cardboards that are thicker and sturdier. Also, you can look for dish boxes that are designed for packing kitchenware. 

If you are not able to invest in dish boxes, you can use the standard packing boxes. However, it would help to prepare them properly to ensure the glasses are well protected. 

*Packing paper – since packing glasses for a local or long-distance move is a delicate task, you need to ensure you use the right approach. The first layer of protection is the packing paper. 

Avoid using newspapers since it can leave ink stains on your glasses. However, you can use the newsprint to fill empty spaces inside the boxes.


*Bubble wrap – for the second layer of protection, you use bubble wrap. Even though bubble wraps are a bit expensive, they provide the much protection you need. 

*Packing tape – get several high-quality packing tapes to reinforce the packing boxes. You do not want your glasses to fall off when moving. 

*Markers – get one or more markers to label the boxes as Fragile. You do not want someone to break the glasses when loading them into the moving truck. 

2. Packing the glasses

The next step is to pack the glasses. With suitable packing materials, you will be in an excellent position to pack the items properly. 

*Reinforce - first, use the packing tape to reinforce the bottom of every packing box to store the glassware. This will reinforce the boxes even though they are substantial for holding the items. 

*Insulate – crumple several sheets of newspaper, then place them on the bottom of every box. If you do not have the newsprint, you can use packing paper. They will all do a great job of forming a soft protective layer. 

*Wrap it – now you need to wrap the glasses with packing paper. Remember, this is the first protection layer you need to use. Wrap them well to ensure every part of the glass is well protected. 

*Tape it – after wrapping it with the packing paper, you need to tape it. Use the packing tape to keep the paper together. 

*Gauge it – when packing glasses, you need to know those of sentimental value. If you are moving normal glasses without stems, you may not need to add bubble wrap. But if you have glasses with sentimental value, it is a good idea to use bubble wrap. 

*Bubble wrap it – when packing valuable glasses, you need to use bubble wrap for extra protection. Bubble wraps are designed to protect valuable items such as glasses when moving. 

*Box it – how you arrange the glasses in the box matters a lot. If the bottom of the box is well insulated, you can place the glasses. Make sure you place the glasses tightly next to each other. You do not want the glasses to keep shifting when being moved. 

*Pad it – after placing the glasses in the box, use packing paper or bubble wrap to fill the empty spaces in the box. You do not want the glasses to shift inside the box. 

*Seal the box – the next step is to seal the box. Close the box and use the packing tape to seal it properly. 

*Label it – after sealing the boxes, you need to ensure every box is labeled. Since the boxes contain fragile items, make sure they are labeled as Fragile Items. 

3. Engage professional movers

If you have many glasses to pack, hiring a professional moving company might be a good option. When you engage NYC movers, they will help you pack the fragile items, including the glasses. 

They will come with suitable packing materials and other supplies to ensure your glasses are well-protected for the move.

Final Word

Packing and moving glasses from one area to another is not a simple process. It would help if you got it right to ensure everything goes on as planned. Happily, with good preparation, you can quickly move your glasses without incurring any damage. 

If you feel the job is challenging for you, the best option is to engage professionals. Since they are skilled and well trained on the proper ways to pack and move glasses, you can be assured that the process will be smooth. 

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