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Sleepover Themes for Your Kid's Next Party


A well-organized slumber party for kids can be a lot of fun. It can also be stressful especially if you don’t plan well enough. Having kids over for a sleepover party means there’s going to be a lot of games and they’ll need lots of snacks to stay occupied. To ensure that the kids have the best sleepover party, you’ll need to have a mix of various kids' activities that can tire them. 

Also make sure you have enough spare blankets and pillows for those attending. Invest in quality mattresses like a mattress for cool sleeping from Nolah Mattress for the ultimate night’s sleep for both yourself and the attendees. Plan breakfast ahead of time so you’re not rushing the next morning.

Here are some more ideas for your kid’s next sleepover party.


With the ideal weather, you can take the little campers' slumber party outside in your backyard. Create a fire pit where the kids can roast s’mores which have always been a great tradition. To add more flavors to the s’mores, apply nut butter or Nutella before making the campfire. But what happens if the weather is not ideal?

You can set up the camping theme inside your house as well. This is fun and engaging as you’ll just need a fake campfire, wildlife bits, and pieces, and sleeping tents. You can engage the kids in activities like painting, playing charades, nature bingo, or glow-in-the-dark ring. They can also play with flashlights, lanterns, do puppet shows, and many other activities.


Girls love makeover slumber parties and all you need to do is set up themed makeup stations. You can also decide to teach them how to take care of their nails and let them put on different styles of makeup. You can also decide to provide them with reference materials like photos and DIY videos.

Such reference materials are also an avenue for learning about how to take care of their bodies as they have fun and games. It is also important that you take into account their age groups as you plan for the makeover party so they all have an activity to enjoy.


Today, kids are becoming more interested in cooking and baking. You can use that interest as the slumber party’s theme. You only need to come up with a menu and the girls can take care of the rest. Look for kid-friendly recipes that are easy to prepare and always remember to include dessert in the cooking party.

You can teach them to make pizzas and you could also set up decorating stations for cakes and cupcakes with sprinkles and frosting. You could also set up a popcorn station as it is easy to make including an ice cream sundae. The idea is to keep them engaged while learning at the same time. Provide each kid with an apron as well as chefs hats to make the party livelier.


Kids love to play games and you can organize an Olympic-themed sleepover party in winter, summer, or when there are Olympics games. You can have various contests like wheel barrel races and paper airplane contests. They can also play Olympic watch challenges such as the opening ceremony Bingo while wearing silly patriotic hats.

Kids can as well participate in scavenger hunt games where you divide them into teams with a list of things to gather within a specific period. You could also go with the kids to your local store and allow them to shop for groceries as part of the scavenger hunt and for food to enjoy later. Board games are also a great thing to have at the slumber party.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are fun activities where kids get to show their creativity. There are plenty of things to do at an art and craft-themed party such as creating and decorating friendship bracelets. The kids can also create other kinds of jewelry, masks, or even have a talent show for showcasing their skills.

You can also include other activities like decorating t-shirts with waterproof markers or apparel paint. They can decorate a banner by laying butcher paper on the floor and letting all of them decorate. Other ideas can also include creating edible jewelry, decorating cupcakes, and much more.

Make it Fun For Them

When you have the whole event planned, kids will have unforgettable fun at your house. There are endless activities that you can entertain the kids. Don’t forget to stock your kitchen with lots of snacks because the activities can last for hours.

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