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Put Down That To-Do List! It's National No Housework Day!

April 7 is a chance to bask in a wonderful, glorious day – National No Housework Day.  Forget the laundry and get rid of the chores list. For this day, you can give yourselves a break and do what you want around the house.

Maintaining a clean home can sometimes feel like never-ending. As soon as you finish the washing and the cleaning, it all needs doing over and over and over again. So today, National No Housework Day is here to allow yourself a break - for one day you don’t need to worry about the housework.

The history of housework and the perception that it’s a woman’s job dates to the nineteenth century. Men began to specialize in paid work and long hours, housework became the woman’s business. The home was viewed as a serene and secure place, unlike the unsympathetic and uncertain world of work. These days, society tends to have a more open mind to gender roles and the duty of housework may be seen as a shared responsibility. Housework has become so ingrained in our lives that Thomas and Ruth Roy felt it necessary to create a holiday where we don’t do any chores. They chose April 7 as National No Housework Day and encouraged people to “leave it all for tomorrow.”

What will you do with the extra time today?

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