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Must Haves For Pregnancy


When you first find out you're pregnant, whether it's your first baby or your fifth (oh my), it's a thrilling revelation, but it can also cause a little bit of panic. For many people, the journey to pregnancy takes a lot of time; they become masters of the things you need to know about getting pregnant, but what about learning all the things to help you through your pregnancy? Even the most uncomplicated pregnancies come with some side effects, and while they serve as gentle reminders that everything is going according to plan, they can still leave you feeling tired, nauseous, or uncomfortable. Let's look at some pregnancy must-haves that will be game-changers during this exciting time. 

For the Fatigue 

Some of the most intense fatigue you will ever experience occurs during the first few months of pregnancy, also known as the first trimester. While well-meaning folks will tell you that this is a great way to get used to the fatigue that comes with a newborn, it's not always that simple. Obstetricians and doctors advise you to take it easy on caffeine and other stimulants during pregnancy that you would typically rely on pre-pregnancy. So, to battle the fatigue, you have to turn to more natural methods. 

Exercise is a must-have for fatigue and your overall health during pregnancy. Sugar in moderation can also give you the energy boost you're sicking. But, if you have the privilege to rest more during these bouts of intense fatigue, it's the ultimate must-have. So, arm yourself with healthy dark chocolates, a comfortable napping spot, and a regular exercise routine. 

For the Nausea 

During pregnancy, about seventy percent of women experience nausea, also known as morning sickness. If you're not part of that lucky thirty percent that avoids it, it's essential to have things on hand to soothe that sickness. If you are suffering from severe morning sickness that could impact you or your baby's health, you, of course, want to consult with your OB to see if there are prescription medications safe to take during this time. 

If your nausea is mild to moderate, more natural methods help you. Fresh ginger is excellent for nausea - this is easily found crystallized with a sugar coating which is a delicious way to banish nausea. It's also worth investing in a morning sickness tea to help soothe your tummy and relax you. Even morning sickness lollipops are helpful to suck on when you're dealing with a bout of nausea. Having all of these must-haves on hand is an easy way to keep morning sickness at bay. 

For the Pain 

Let's face it - pregnancy is downright uncomfortable, even in the best of circumstances. Acknowledging your discomfort doesn't take away from the fact that you are grateful to be pregnant. While some OTC pain relievers are safe during pregnancy, many expectant mothers want to keep things as natural as possible. So, another must-have in your pregnancy toolkit is a hot water bottle or heating pad.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the heating pad and don't leave them on for longer than recommended for a pregnant person. Hot baths are another life saver during pregnancy and are made better with the soothing power of Epsom salts. Make sure you have natural methods to control the intermittent cramping you may experience through pregnancy, round ligament pain, and more severe issues like Sciatica you may develop. Sure, it's uncomfortable, but the joy of motherhood is worth it, and all will be forgotten when your baby arrives. 

Self-Care Plans 

Another overlooked section of must-have items during pregnancy is the things that make you feel loved. So, whether that's going for a facial or a pregnancy massage - make it happen! If you're an incredibly frugal person, let yourself splurge a couple of times on things that make you feel comfortable, attractive, or anything else you may be lacking in the season of pregnancy. And, don't forget to ask your partner for a "push present" if you know it's in their budget! 

Being pregnant is an incredible ride, one that hopefully goes as smoothly as possible - but luck favors the prepared. The ride will be smooth sailing by having the above-mentioned "must-haves" on hand. Congratulations!

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