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Mistakes to Avoid In Case You Get Into A Rideshare Accident


One of the biggest nightmares we all have is getting into a rideshare accident What makes it worse is not being at fault for such an event. Sometimes, we’re simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. However, how you deal with it says a lot. These are eight mistakes to avoid if the unthinkable ever happens to you.

  1. Sitting right behind the driver’s seat: One of the most innocent mistakes that could cost you dearly is not sitting in the opposite seat from the back when in a taxi. Statistics have shown that people who sit right behind the driver’s seat are highly prone to experience severe injuries if the vehicle gets into an accident. If you have the habit of wanting to sit on the side of the driver’s seat, it’s time to change your habit and scoot over to the opposite side. If you’re a parent or adult traveling with children, make sure that the minors sit on the opposite side and not behind the diver.

  1. Not having the baby seat fastened: Even though several legislations highly recommend having children fastened to their baby seats inside a car, it could be complex in a rideshare. However, the biggest mistake you could make to experience life-threatening results is holding a child on your lap. Make sure they are seated securely on their child seat to avoid any shock impact.

  1. Not checking on yourself: At the time of an unfortunate rideshare accident, it’s imperative that you tend to your injuries first before anything else. Take stock of your head, spine, and neck first to rule out any damage. Next, wiggle your fingers and toes to check for movement. Taking a few seconds to quickly scan your body for any injuries sustained can help the first respondents assist you better.

  1. Trying to move when you’re injured: Never try to move from your position if you suspect a head, spinal or neck injury. This may disturb the alignment and cause dangerous after-effects. Instead, wait for the medical team or firefighters to secure you from the damaged rideshare vehicle. Under no circumstance should you remove any embedded glass or metal if they’re lodged in your body.

  1. Not contacting your lawyer: When things are in a state of panic and emergency, it’s hard to think of your contacts. However, for the same reason, we urge you to add your rideshare accident lawyer to your speed dial list so that you can call them for help. This will help in getting you the compensation you deserve and all the top-notch medical assistance that the transport company can provide. A rideshare accident lawyer is an expert in getting all the necessary paperwork done to file a quick lawsuit so that the case does not go cold as you recover. Get the help and information you need for this here.

  2. Avoiding or resisting medical care: It could be anxiety-inducing if your spouse, children, or loved ones are also impacted by the accident. However, make sure that you receive complete medical assistance rather than evading it to check on your family. They all would be given the best treatment possible, so focus on stabilizing yourself first. Too often injuries like concussions or internal bleeding go unnoticed because the accident victims act indifferently due to the adrenaline rush.

  1. Not claiming insurance: If you’re on accidental or medical insurance, you need to furnish the necessary details at the hospital so that you don’t have to wait for high-quality healthcare. Make sure that you have all the insurance-related documents scanned in a digital copy on your phone or mail. Better yet, send them to your lawyer as well so that they can get you the best healthcare facilities possible considering the rideshare company was at fault.

  1. Paying for medical assistance when not at fault: It may feel pressurized to pay up for your treatment and other expenses even though you’re not at fault, but please call your attorney and let them sort it out. When you’re not at fault and have the rideshare company to blame for this accident, all your expenses are supposed to be paid for by their team. When you pay up quickly, getting a refund becomes very difficult.

Wrapping Up:

Making the abovementioned mistakes when involved in a rideshare accident can make your legal and medical recovery aspects challenging. Especially, where compensation is involved, we hope our readers receive the best possible remittance. This can be done by being responsible for yourself and your decisions. We hope that this blog could shed some light on what needs to be done and what to absolutely avoid. Stay safe and choose your commute wisely!

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