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How To Make a DIY Corset


Are you born with a natural hourglass figure? Do not feel insecure if you are not because wearing a corset will give you the much-wanted hourglass figure. You can easily construct a boned corset if you know how to sew. However, if you do not have the resources needed to make a DIY corset, you can always purchase one from the market.

One such website where you can definitely find some amazing readymade corsets is True Corset.

However, we must inform you that this handmade corset won’t have the intricate finishing touches of the professionally made corsets. Having said that, there is no reason for you to panic. This DIY corset can be worn to nightclubs or as a base for your casual evening dinner party outfit. 

What are the materials needed to make a DIY corset? 

  1. A particular type of outer fabric that is not excessively delicate. You must note this because a thin material would not be ideal for your bones. 

  2. A cotton fabric that is not stretchable. 

  3. Lastly, you need eyelets, spiral boning, lacing, and interfacing. 

What are the tools needed to make a DIY corset? 

You need a rotary cutter, a mat, a sewing machine, and a hammer. 

Steps to make the handmade corset - 

There are about eight steps to be followed meticulously to create the perfect corset for your body type. Now, let us briefly discuss these steps. 

  1. Firstly, select the appropriate corset pattern - 

Since there are myriad ways to create a pattern, you must ask the following questions to yourself before picking the corset pattern. The first question is whether you want a corset pattern that cinches your waist. Secondly, decide whether you want your corset cut like lingerie or you want it to be like an upper portion of a dress.

  1. The next step is to get in-depth knowledge about corset boning- 

Note down these pointers and keep reminding your brain because these will make or break the boning of your corset. 

Don’t use plastic boning materials, especially those which are cheap. 

Instead, buy a spiral or steel bones. 

The length of the bones should be four inches or three inches shorter than your seam. 

  1. The third step is all about cutting the fabric - 

Keep in mind that your seam allowance should be at least one inch. Next, cut one set alternatively from the outer fabric and lining fabric. The lacing will go at the back, so cut out two portions from the interfacing. This will stabilize the eyelets. Ultimately, iron the two cut-out pieces. 

  1. Then, sew the panels jointly and sew the outer fabric and lining fabric together - 

After sewing the panels of the outer and lining fabrics, iron them to avoid creases that can appear once you begin sewing the channels. Sew the ends of both the lining and facing panels and iron them well. 

  1. In the next step, you have to sew the channels and cut the binding fabric - 

This step involves plenty of sewing. You have to ensure the outer fabric’s seam line and the lining fabric’s seam line is perfectly lined up. Preferably, we would request you to use a ⅜ inches channel for ¼ inches bones. Lastly, trim down the edges. Further, you have to decide if you want clean edges or not. 

  1. Next, sew together the straps as well as the top facing - 

This step is applicable only if you want to have corset straps. After you have dealt with the strap dilemma, you need to stitch down the top facing by pinning down your corset straps. 

  1. Then, there is the insertion of bones and stitching of down-facing - 

All you have to do now is push the bones as much towards the top of the corset as you humanly can. Next, you have to concentrate on sewing the down-facing that happens on the insides of the corset. 

    8.  Lastly, focus on the addition of eyelets and complete the finishing touches - 

 The eyelets should be one inch apart. You can either cut the holes or punch the holes. Next, you have to make sure that the eyelets are inserted into the holes. Also, the eyelets should be fixed in a place, that is, in the holes. Use a hammer to ensure that.

Eventually, you have to work on the attachment of the straps at the back. Do the lacing properly and pin them up for a perfect fit. 

The bottom line - 

Now that you have a fair idea about making a DIY corset at home, your only job is to execute these steps and flaunt an hourglass figure confidently. While you flaunt your hourglass figure there is always a necessity to understand waist training, check out this complete corset guidebook to understand everything you need to know about corsets. 

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