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Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband In 2022


We all know that the chances are that any Father’s Day gifts that your husband receives are going to be purchased by yourself, unless your kids are adults, of course. Whether you’re guiding your young ones on a Father’s Day shopping trip or searching for something suitable online, it can be tough trying to figure out the right things to buy. While you might simply be getting your children to sign their names on the card and gift labels, you’ll still want to make sure that there is some thought that they’ve put into the gift, too, as it can help to encourage them to be more thoughtful when it comes to days of gift-giving. However, you’ll still want to be making sure that the gifts you choose are the right ones for him, so to help, here are some of our best Father’s Day gift ideas for husbands everywhere.

A popular gift idea for the more adventurous folks of society are experiences themselves. Buying an experience for him might be the best choice if he’s the type that likes to get out and about and try new things. There are countless experience ideas that you could gift him, from thrilling bungee jumps and sky diving days to the much tamer things like pottery classes and cocktail making. Whatever his speed, a gifted experience may be the best choice for this Father’s Day, providing a memorable time that he can spend with you or the whole family.

If your husband is the type that rarely buys his own clothes, now is a great time for you to restock his wardrobe a little bit with some updated fashion items. As Father’s Day falls in June, summer clothes are a great option, whether that’s a nice new pair of shorts, some lightweight trainers or sandals, or maybe some nice designer sunglasses. You could also choose a nice light jumper or hoodie, which can help to take the chill off in the cooler evenings or provide some added comfort when lounging around the house.  

Something To Last
There are so many gift ideas for things that will stand the test of time. Specifically, a watch is a fantastic option here and could be a gift that he keeps forever. Often, we find that watches are passed down from generation to generation due to their hardiness and the fact that they are often treasured. The same goes for other types of jewellery like rings. If not a watch, then perhaps a custom signet ring with his initials etched into the surface will make for a great gift for him. For a father who travels for work, a sturdy and stylish briefcase could be an excellent gift. When choosing a briefcase consider his preferences and profession when opting for the material and colour. A briefcase is a durable and sentimental gift that would remind him of you whenever he travels.

A Sentimental Gift
While most gifts will have some sentimentality, especially those that are going to last for years to come, there are some that don’t need to be overly expensive but can still tug at the heartstrings. Of course, there are countless personalised Father’s Day gifts that would be appreciated for their sentimentality. For example, you could give him Father’s Day photo gifts such as a framed picture of your children or the whole family, or perhaps even a brand-new wallet containing some small photos too. 

Grooming Kits
As any dad will agree, a grooming kit is always well received. Whether it’s a beard trimming kit to keep everything neat and tidy or a men’s skincare box, these gifts can really be something special. There are plenty of men out there, especially dads, who forget to consider their own skincare or grooming needs, bar the basics. A simple shave every morning can be enhanced with some great products such as moisturisers and serums, helping him to feel like his best self.

Gig Tickets
You and your kids might not be a fan of his music tastes, but there’s nothing stopping you from sending him off to enjoy his favourite band with his mates. Gig tickets can be a fantastic gift option to provide him with a memorable night out enjoying his favourite music. Or alternatively, you could also buy him tickets to see a stand-up show by one of his favourite comedians. Tickets can get somewhat expensive, and it’s rare for some people to spend money on a night out like that on a whim. If he doesn’t get to go out in the evenings, this would be a perfect gift. 

Subscription Ideas
There are countless quirky subscription boxes you can buy for Father’s Day, but choosing the right one all depends on what his interests are, of course. For example, you could buy a wine or beer box and receive a selection of hand-picked craft ales or some quality bottles of wine each month. Or perhaps an artisan coffee box if he’s the type that loves to get his caffeine fix with some delicious blends. There are even designer sock subscriptions that are perfect if he’s the type to keep losing his socks and having to wear odd pairs. You could either pay for a one-off delivery or start him on a few month’s trial to see how he likes it. After which, he can decide whether he wants to continue the subscription himself or not.  

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