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Girl's Night- With My Partner in Crime

Picture it! Saturday night, a cold spring day in Connecticut, two great friends are without their spouses for the night what could possibly happen?  A lot of laughs, good food, and some retail therapy. 

I have one of the best friends in the world.  She came into my life when I needed her the most.  When I had E, I centered my entire being around him and I lost a lot of friends in the process. I was young and I wanted to be the best parent I could be so it didn't phase me when people stopped being present. I had E and that was my life.  Fast forward to 2020, the year the world fell apart. E left for the military, I was temporarily let go from work, and I was miserable. 

My girlfriend, Jen saved me. I've know Jen for close to 15 years, but we weren't super close until she was support when I was struggling through the nightmare that was 2020. I struggled with my depression and anxiety in longer periods and Jen made it a point to not let me stay in those dark places for long. She was over the house almost daily doing whatever she could to take my mind off of the negative and helped me to focus on the positive. 

I wouldn't have made it through that time without her. Now we have weekly get-togethers and I live for the time we get to spend together. Who else is willing to go to Walmart with me at 9 pm and sing along with the store music? Nobody but Jen. 

I've always been socially awkward, I prefer to be around my sisters and they are my friends. Jen has become my sister. I have come to realize the importance of living in the moment because of her. Having dinner at 10 pm is okay and dancing in Walmart is fun when someone is doing it alongside you. 

I hope you all have a friend that supports you the way Jen does me. We all need that. 

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