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Easter Monday: A Time for Reflection and Rest


Happy Easter Monday, friends. I hope and pray that you had a beautiful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. What a wonderful thing to be able to do- to have the freedom to celebrate so openly! Our Easter Sunday was a busy one. Our day was filled with a stop from the Easter Bunny, the morning spent at church, and then the afternoon spent with family.

Happy birthday, dad!

To double our Easter fun, we celebrated my dad's sixty-fourth birthday yesterday, too! Easter dinner was complete with a chocolate cake and candles. The weather was perfect for an egg hunt, and for our family to enjoy the cool air outside on the front porch. We talked for what seemed like hours and didn't even seem to notice when evening fell.

My husband's dad is visiting from Ohio this week. We haven't been able to visit with him since pre-Covid days. It's been so nice to see our kiddos enjoying spending time with their Papa Richard, and for Baby C to meet her grandfather for the first time.

Baby C's first Easter

I'm not quite sure what today will bring, but after sickness has plagued our house for what seems like weeks on end, I am ready for a bit of respite. Honestly, nothing sounds better than my couch, a fuzzy blanket, baby snuggles, a warm drink, and binge-watching all of Bridgerton. Whatever floats your boat, am I right!?

If you have the day off today, please take some time to enjoy it! If you're working, well- I'm right there with ya, and pray that it will be a productive day!

Easter Monday blessings to you, friends!

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