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Clckr: Phone Accessories Moms Will Love!

Thanks to Clckr and Richmond & Finch for these great stand and grip supports! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

These days, we use cell phones for everything! They are our calendars, our communication tools, our planners, and even our entertainment systems. From regular calls, to texting, to pulling up recipes, to entertaining kiddos while waiting in long lines, our phones get used a lot! 

While I have the best protection case and glass protectors on my phone, one thing I often miss is the ability to prop it up. Propping it up during videos chats, cooking, and even getting sucked into watching insta reels would be ever so helpful!

No matter whether you are a mom on the go, or someone like me who uses your phone for basically everything in life, then Clckr Stand & Grips are for you. These are universal stands that attach directly to your phone (or case) that will click together to provide support for your phone to stand up. 

Then, when you don't need the stand feature, you can use the handy dandy gripper to keep your phone from sliding out of your hand while talking and traveling!

While there are great colors and designs on their own, Clckr's partnership with Richmond & Finch means that our universal stands have great designs and colors that will make Mom's day this Mother's Day! 

The RF Stand in Green Palms is colorful but not too vibrant for those of us who like pizzazz without the vibrant “pop”! The accessory arrives with instructions, a clear protective film if you don't use a case, and the gripper stand. 


First, I recommend selecting the space you want your R&F universal stand before removing any layers from the adhesive backings. This helps with spacing because there won't be do-overs once you apply. 

Second, remove the top layer from the adhesive side, the black side on the back of the universal stand. This stand uses 3M adhesive, which leaves little residue.  This was hard to see and slightly hard to do as I don't have nails to help out with this one. There was no tag or pull indicating there was a layer either, but I promise it's there!

Third, place the adhesive side flat down on the location you want your stand. Apply pressure for 1 minute. 

Fourth, pull the grip to ensure it's sticking properly to the phone case. 

To use:

The Gripper has a handle that pulls out. Your fingers can wrap around it so that you can grip it while walking, etc. 

The stand has 2 modes: Portrait and Landscape. The top piece of the gripper clicks into place, creating a triangle shape to stand a phone up straight or sideways, depending on which position you want. 

Note, the Clckr is best used on cell phone cases. Adhesive may not stick to some phone finishes, like newer iPhones, so be sure to check before purchasing.  As always, protective accessories like these aren't 100% proof, so be careful when using the stand or grippers! The design should be good for most wireless chargers too. 

So, after using this accessory for a few days, I've discovered that I really like it! It's easy to grab your phone out of your bag or pocket, hold it while standing in lines, and even taking photos! The click part of the experience seems to be holding up well. It's particularly handy for taking selfies or shooting video, too!

One thing I did discover is that for your stand to properly balance, the accessory should be low and centered on your phone's back case. I have a phone with a fairly decent camera, taking the top left corner of my phone's back, so I was not able to center mine. The landscape view is perfect, but the portrait view is slightly wobbly. I do wish I had maybe lowered it some, thinking that may have helped with balance, but it's still usable. 

Overall, I definitely recommend Clckr for a great Mom's day gift. Accessorize your phone with functionable and fashionable gadgets that make life easier! There are several other types of cases with stands available, so be sure to check them out! 

We are proud to feature Clckr in our Mother's Day Gift Guide this year. Head over to MBP for more great gift ideas!

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite Universal Stand from one of Clckr's great collections. Don't forget to check out the beautiful Richmond & Finch prints and patterns!

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