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Celebrate Dog Moms and Their Fur Babies This Mother's Day With Loving Pets

Thanks so much to Loving Pets for sending products to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I'm a human mom and a dog mom and I absolutely LOVE being both!

Being a dog mom is important and should be celebrated! I've experienced both and let me just say, raising a puppy is no easy task and you truly do become their mother. It's a beautiful thing and I'm all about celebrating dog moms on Mother's Day. 

Receiving gifts, treats and goodies for my Doberman, Fiona from loved ones truly means so much to me. If someone you love has a fur baby, check out Loving Pets for some amazing gifts that will make them feel super special. 

Our friends at Loving Pets sent along this beautiful assortment of gifts for my sweet girl and she has been LOVING it!

I love how this company puts together gift baskets so that you don't have to. This one is the Ruff N' Tuff gift basket which starts at $49.99. There is so much to enjoy in this gift basket! My favorite items for my rough and tough girl are the Bella Spill Proof Mat and Ruff N' Tuff Diamond Plate Bowl. 

Loving Pets keeps their products affordably priced and the quality is second to none! This large mat which has anti-skid feet is just $12.49 and keeps all of the dribble to a minimum. If you have a large breed dog, you know. They are SO messy! Aren't these bowls beautiful? They range in price from $4.99 - $17.99 depending on which size you need and they also have skid-proof feet. Loving Pets has seriously thought of everything. They just know pets in a way that shows in their products.

A lot of bigger dogs especially have the issue of eating too fast. This can cause all sorts of digestive issues. The Gobble Stopper turns any bowl into a slow-feeding system which is simply amazing! 

While Loving Pets caters to all of my dog-mom needs, they also have products for cats and aquatic pets. You're going to find exactly what you need when browsing the website. Their focus is providing affordable and natural products for consumers. Finding a company that truly has it all and puts out such high quality products has been difficult for me to find. I want the best for my girl and I know you feel the same way about your pet. They deserve nothing less because of the love and support they provide.

My girl chose a favorite treat from the goodies that Loving Pets sent to us:

She actually went crazy for these Duck Sausage treats! You can snag a bag of these or choose a different type of treat on Loving Pets website. I feel good giving her a treat that is made with the highest quality, minimal ingredients. She was willing to pull out every trick she knew all at once for one of these little gems. 

Fiona Rock Snowflake


This Mother's Day, check out Loving Pets and pick up some amazing pet gifts for the pet loving mama in your life. She is going to feel so special that you thought of her! Be sure to follow Loving Pets on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay connected and not miss out on new products for your sweet pet. 

Thank you so much to our friends at Loving Pets for partnering with us this Mother's Day.



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