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¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water is the Desert Hydration You Must Try!

The power of the cactus leaf meets the power of personal commitment with ¡CACTUS!, The Desert Hydrator!

Available in lime, papaya, and watermelon flavors, each 12 fluid ounce can of ¡CACTUS! is
rich in antioxidant Vitamin C and electrolytes, while containing only 5 grams of organic agave
sugar and 30 calories.  This “desert hydrator” is a natural way to hydrate and replenish in hot
conditions and during a workout.  

Lime was the favorite for both my husband and me, while my children enjoy both lime and
watermelon. My 17 year old continues to urge me to purchase more and as it is quite
refreshing and has so many benefits, how can I not? Read on to learn more about this low
sugar and calorie, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, recyclable, refreshing drink!

For generations, Latin American folk healers called curanderos have recommended cactus leaf for colds, skin conditions, digestion, and more. Today’s research shows that components of the cactus leaf may promote muscle recovery, combat free radicals and oxidative stress linked to inflammation, support cardio, and skin health, and may even lessen the effects of hangovers.

Sarita Lopez, an organic farmer in California’s Napa region, observed health-conscious
farmers' market shoppers enthusiastically buying and juicing cactus paddles (leaves)
grown on her family’s organic farm. Sarita ate cactus paddles herself. She believed they
cleared up her eczema when nothing else worked. In an “aha!” moment, Sarita decided
to create organic cactus water powered by cactus leaf. In late 2017 Sarita launched
organic cactus water named “Green-Go” which she has since evolved, improved, and
rebranded as ¡CACTUS!

Why ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water

  • Powered by USDA Organic Nopal cactus leaf, which contains antioxidants,

            electrolytes, amino acids – and a uniquely powerful hydrocolloid that promotes
            absorption and retention in your body.
  • Delicious taste! A light, clean, refreshing alternative to sugar and calorie-laden

            hydration beverages. In organic Lime, Papaya, and Watermelon flavors.
  • Excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C, which supports immunity and which your

            body cannot produce on its own.
  • Low calorie (30 cals per can), low sugar (5g, organic agave). Less than half the

            sugar and calories of the leading coconut water.
  • A clean label, plant-based functional water: Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-Free,

  • Created by founder, farmer, and brand champion Sarita Lopez and true to her

            commitment to sustainability.
  • Ongoing contributions to Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.

¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water, already available in fine grocery stores throughout the
Southwest United States, is now also available nationwide on Amazon.  Powered by
USDA-certified organic nopal cactus leaf, ¡CACTUS! contains antioxidants, electrolytes,
and amino acids to form a uniquely powerful hydrocolloid that promotes absorption and
retention in the body. ¡CACTUS!, known as the Desert Hydrator, is available in lime, papaya,
and watermelon flavors and is low in sugar and calories.

The hydrocolloid in the nopal cactus leaf binds to water and acts like a sponge. It is what

gives the cactus the ability to absorb and retain water and micronutrients and survive in the

scorching desert heat. ¡CACTUS! contains this same hydrocolloid, which boosts hydration,

absorption, and retention in the human body.

With all the health benefits ¡CACTUS! contains, what are you waiting for! Try some today!

Want it? Get it!

Make your purchase at their store on Amazon!

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