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BRINGIT is a mission-driven Public Benefits Corporation committed to reducing plastic bag pollution and positively impacting the world. With their BRINGIT Bags Collection, they make it easy for you to make a difference, every time you shop. Their vision is of a thriving planet where people have embraced reusable compostable bags, dramatically reducing the amount of plastic waste produced and consumed. They do it with beautiful, reusable bags!

At BRINGIT Bags, they value the simplicity inherent in beautifully crafted, functional products that nourish the earth. Reusing what they can, limiting the consumption of plastic, (especially single-use), nurturing the community, embracing diversity and inclusion, and learning, always. And while they pride themselves on being a thoughtful bunch, they recognize that without action, thoughts can only take them so far. And so they commit to simple acts every day. If we all do this together, we have the power to change the world.

Wish-cycling—the habit of putting items in the recycling bin with the hope they’ll be recycled—exacerbates the problem, creating excess work for recycling companies to sort through non-recyclable items, which can get caught up in the machinery. And so most plastic—whether “recyclable” or not—ends up polluting the environment.  Biodegradable plastics aren’t much better. While bioplastics are made from plants rather than fossil fuels, they typically require controlled industrial composters to properly break down—and there are only 20 facilities in the country that are equipped to do this. Because biodegradable packages rarely include information on how to properly dispose of them, consumers mistakenly place them in recycling bins or home compost piles, where they create methane or are incinerated at landfills, contributing to pollution in the same dire ways as plastic.

BRINGIT has created an entirely new concept in reusable shopping bags. Inspired by nature, their fabric and design set them apart. 

They’re proud to partner with Lenzing to offer a shopping solution derived entirely from trees—LENZING™ Modal Color (made from beechwood) and LENZING™ Lyocell (made from eucalyptus). Every step of our bags’ lifecycle is thoughtfully considered, minimizing their environmental footprint from production to disposal. 

A darling of the fashion industry, Lenzing fibers are luxuriously soft, surprisingly sturdy, and home compostable. Which makes the BRINGIT Bags Collection the most sustainable reusable shopping bags on the market. From the earth, for the earth.

Their fabric is only part of the story. When BRINGIT Bags began, they spoke to real people about what they wanted in a shopping bag. And they heard about all the things that people found frustrating. So they set to work, meticulously designing and crafting a collection of bags that address those pain points.

A few of the features that set their bags apart: 

  • They work together in an organized fashion, helping you remember to bring them on your shopping expeditions. 
  • The iTTote features six pockets and a broad, sturdy bottom that supports heavy hauls with ease. 
  • The iTBag Shopper has an attached fold-away pouch, so it can be tucked away in a briefcase or diaper bag, ready when the need arises. 
  • The entire collection is machine washable. So no more ineffectual, cringe-inducing wipedowns.

Want it? Get it!

BRINGIT Bags has various size bags for purchase on their website!

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