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Bonnie & Pop: Unique Sweet and Salty Gift Boxes will Make Mom Smile!


Thanks to Bonnie & Pop for sending over these tasty treats in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

While I would say that we are far from a "foodie" family, my family does love gifting unique and thoughtful food items to each other. My mom seems to love all things sweet (knowingly where I get my own sweet tooth from) but also loves all things nuts related too. I'm never really sure WHAT to get her for Mother's Day. Her birthday is in April and with Mother's Day so close, it seems like a hard guess. 

When I heard about Bonnie & Pop gifts, I knew I had hit on something Mom would love! Great gifts, great food items, and lots of love from this company will definitely make her smile. Bonnie & Pop came into being because a Mother/ Daughter duo is committed to bringing great, quality-driven, gifts to people who may need to feel a bit of extra love. After all, the company is named after their two favorite people- grandparents who dedicated their lives to make others happy.

Isn't that what Moms do? Dedicate their time, energy, and love so that their children can be happy, safe, and whole? Being an adult child, living out of state, is difficult at times as I don't get to show my mom love in ways others do during holidays, support her when health crises pop up, or even just stop by for a visit. 

Yet, Bonnie & Pop products can show Mom how much she is loved even as she opens the box! 

Opening a Bonnie  & Pop gift box immediately offers a wow factor at the beautiful designs and carefully selected packaging. And check out that color on the pretzels! 

Bonnie & Pop sent over two items for review:

The first item, the Nut Gift Crate, is every nut lover's dream! My mom loves all types of nuts-so this was a great option because it comes with an assortment that is sure to please any palate. Selections include Chili Con Lemon Pistachios, Glazed Pecans, Roasted & Salted Cashews, Tamari Roasted Almonds, Fruit & Nut Mix, and Brazil nuts. About 5 oz selections of each flavor are available in the crate. 

These will make a great snack that will definitely make mom smile, especially those that might be looking for a great protein filling snack! The crate can be repurposed or reused after all the goodies magically disappear, so make sure Mom knows this too!

I know my Mom will LOVE this crate of nuts. If you want to surprise Mom even further, select the deluxe crate for over 3 lbs of salty sweet goodness!

The second item sent over is Bonnie & Pop's Drenched Pretzel Sticks. Who doesn't love a that combination of salty crunchiness combined with the sweet drizzle of chocolate and sprinkles? Do I have you drooling yet? 

If so, this is a definite on Mom's gift list this year! 

The Drenched Pretzels arrive in a clear container that shows off the beautiful created pretzel rods. Each rod is dipped in white or dark chocolate and rolled around in mouth-watering toppings, like sprinkles, sugar crystals, or other sugary concoctions. Pretzel Rods are individually wrapped so that their flavoring doesn't interfere with each other. 

Flavors include: Birthday Cake Sprinkle, White Chocolate Chip, Reese's Pieces, Cinnamon Bun, Dark Peanut Butter Chip, Dark Peppermint, M and M, and Crushed Heath.

If the salty sweet items aren't up moms' alley, there is sure to be a wonderful creation that she will love. From chocolates, cookies, fruits, or even popcorn tins,  Bonnie & Pop definitely has all sorts of treats available! Share love with Mom this Mother's Day and send her a surprise.

Bonnie & Pop treats will be crafted with love, and you will be supporting a business that is dedicated to sharing love with its customers and clients!

We thank Bonnie & Pop for their willingness to be featured in our Mother's Day Gift Guide! For more gift ideas for Mom, head over to the 2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide on Mommy's Block Party! 

Want it? Get it!

Send a beautiful Bonnie & Pop treat directly to Mom with FREE standard shipping to the US and it's territories. Express shipping is not included.

Use Code PRBONNIE for $5.00 savings too!

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What sweet or salty item does your Mom love?

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