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Blessings with the Belairs

It's been another long week and Chris and I spend more time passing by each other like a ship in the night. Our conversations are 5 minute phone calls or silly texts to make any effort for communication. We used to struggle with the differences in schedules, but in recent years we are finding what works best to combat feeling lonely or neglected from each other. Our journey to this stage hasn't been easy, but it is worth every moment.

Chris is the provider. He always has been, but I need him to provide himself to me. It was a concept we fought over many times in the last 15 years. He loves to work and be able to give me everything I want whether it is needed or on a whim. It's a love and hate situation, because while it makes me feel safe and appreciated, I also feel like time spent together is more important. 

It used to be a struggle because Chris wasn't understanding that I needed him more than things. I needed to feel like he wanted to take time to be with me and that I came before his job. Now, I know I do. We plan one date day a week. He keeps the day off and we eat out, cook for each other, or just sit in bed and watch Tik Toks. I get texts like this when he comes home and I'm already asleep.
Or texts about taking care of the laundry,  my most dreaded household chore... 
My husband is a blessing. He's a good man that tries so hard to be there for everyone. If you have one of these kinds of men, remember to tell them you are blessed. They need to feel appreciated too.

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