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A Quick Guide To PPSU Injection Molding


globe valve with actuator

PPSU plastic is used in medical injection molding products and is the best thermoplastic for durability and heat tolerance. It also has higher impact strength and chemical resistance than PSU and PES. PPSU plastics are extensively used in aerospace and medical devices that require repeated sterilizing due to their high melting point of 208°C.

PPSU milk bottles are much more expensive than PP and PES milk bottles. But they are a worthwhile investment if you are ready to spend on milk bottles that your baby will use up to six times each day. Despite their extreme endurance, it is recommended that you replace your PPSU milk bottles once a year.

Key Properties

Below are some top properties of PPSU plastic stating why many top medical device injection molding companies use it:

  • Toughness and impact resistance are exceptional.

  • Steam autoclaving resistance is high.

  • Chemical resistance is excellent.

  • FDA compliant

  • High-temperature operation (up to 160°C)

  • High stiffness across a wide temperature range

  • Dimensional stability is excellent.

  • Resistance to high-energy radiation is excellent (gamma and X-rays)

  • Electrical insulating properties are good.

PPSU In Medical Field

Other medial plastic parts manufactured by PPSU include artificial knee joint components, a plastic spacer called PPSU LSG. It's a wonderful plastic for artificial knee joint components because of the PPSU feature.

When compared to other amorphous thermoplastics, PPSU has a higher hydrolysis resistance as determined by steam autoclaving cycles to failure. It's ideal for medical devices because of its nearly limitless steam stabilizability.

How To Make PPSU Injection Molding Parts

It is not easy to create PPSU plastic molds and molding parts; here are some suggestions for your consideration.

No matter what you are willing to create, whether a simple syringe or a globe valve with actuator, the process involves highly precise operations and precautions. 

To make a good quality PPSU plastic mold, you must carefully select the steel, and the injection molding process is equally important. Because the mold temperature is around 200 °C during production, having good cooling systems in the mold is a key point to ensure that we can get a good surface. Also, getting the mold temperature up to 200 °C is something that we must consider because the mold is already running at a high temperature.

Due to the reason that the flow rate of PPSU is lower than that of other plastics, gate design is the most significant consideration according to some expert injection mold manufacturer china. For the type of special plastics, we should equip the injection machine with unique screws and nozzles, as well as special cooling controller systems.

Advantages Of PPSU Medical Injection Molding Parts

Following are some convincing benefits of PPSU plastic:

  • Plastics are naturally insulating since they do not carry heat or electricity, whereas metals require a coating to achieve insulating characteristics.

  • Medical Molding Plastics are far less expensive to obtain and manufacture, allowing medical professionals to discard minor medical items such as syringes and gloves after use, lowering infection rates in hospitals.

  • The ability to tamper-proof hazardous products using blister packs makes it difficult for them to leak outside of their confinement in a plastic container, boosting safety.

  • The antimicrobial substance can be injected into plastics to assist repel or destroying microorganisms on equipment. Infection resistance develops in the polymers, lowering the risk of disease transmission.

  • Color can be left out of medical molding plastics when translucent medical equipment is necessary. Plastic can be compounded with the required color before machining, eliminating the need for finishing processes like painting.

  • New technology, such as plastic pacemakers, make it possible for those who require such devices but are adversely impacted by metal choices to receive the medical help they seek.

  • Plastic is substantially lighter than metal, allowing it to be readily carried and moved.

The medical plastic parts revolution, which has been focused on progress, shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, the vast amount of research being invested in the growth of this technology in the medical business only bodes well for the future of plastics. With the passage of time, development time and cost will be reduced, and a plethora of new applications will arise.

Why Choose PPSU Injection Molded Parts?

The top-performing polysulfone is PPSU currently. It has a high toughness, flexural and tensile strength, excellent hydrolytic stability, and good chemical and heat resistance. It has better mechanical qualities than the two other polyethersulfones, PSU and PES. But it is also more expensive and thus less extensively utilized. All polyethersulfones have the same chemical resistance like this one.

It's resistant to aqueous oxidizing agents, mineral acids, bases, and most solvents. For example. Aromatic and oxygenated solvents, such as ketones and others, however, may cause stress cracking.

Because of its great chemical resistance, PPSU is frequently used for components that are exposed to high temperatures and corrosive environments. Just a few examples are pipe fittings, battery canisters, medical device parts, and sterilizable materials for health care and nursing.

Polyphenylsulfone is also utilized in the automotive and aerospace sectors for applications that demand better thermal and mechanical qualities than standard resins. However, due to low weathering, ozone, and UV resistance, most (unfilled) grades are not suited for outdoor use.


In terms of PPSU injection molding components and services, we hope you find the above fast guide useful. To avoid any future losses, it is critical to comprehend all of the fundamental yet essential components before making a purchase or choosing this method to establish your manufacturing company.

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