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Travel to Golan Heights with Artza's Subscription Box


Thanks to Artza for sending this box full of goodness in exchange for a review. We will make a commission if you purchase any of the boxes from Artza! 

Ahh, spring is here. For many (especially those with children), it's time for spring break trip adventures and/ or  future vacation plan dreaming. While some travel restrictions are loosening up, it is still hard to get to many places. While the Holy Land is open to visitors, there are still many restrictions in play for airlines, customs arrivals, etc so you may decide to stay home for a bit longer. Or perhaps you desperately want to travel but can't afford to do so at the moment. Whatever the case, then Artza is definitely for you. 

Artza is a subscription company that sends curated artisan boxes directly to your home. Every 3 months, a box full of amazing products from a specific region will arrive. The products are often hand made or hand crafted by artisans from that region. Items range from decor, foods, beauty, and inspirational products. 

This month's subscription is Golan Heights. This terrain has changed hands a few times over the centuries but currently rests as part of the State of Israel. The area has a deep rich history, filled with value related to the tribes of the Old Testament, the Maccabees, and more. 

In your Artza Box, you will journey along the roads to learn about Mt. Hermon, the Gamla Fortress, and many artisans with these amazing products. Did you know that Mt. Hermon is the highest point in Israel? Yep- sure is.. and there are even ski slopes there! I bet those are amazing rides! 

This month's box included: 

  • Sumac Spice- this most widely used spice comes with a recipe and the history of it's cultivation. 
  • Gaya: A Hebrew Alphabet Challenge Game
  • Hand Poured Scented Candle: filled with the scent of Golan Springs transforms your home
  • Golan Inspired Tea
  • White Chocolates 
  • A olive oil lamp and jug replica- based from a discovery of the Golan Heights aves
  • A beautiful hand painted piece of art that will bring color and joy into your home! (for Premium boxes) 
This is my fourth or fifth Artza box. Each box brings an assortment of items that I love. Some things are given away as gifts, some are put away for special seasons, and some are used rapidly. No matter what arrives, 

I am particularly excited because I know the box helps out individuals who live in that region. Artza is passionate about supporting local artisans in the communities they partner with. 

Subscriptions can be paid for quarterly or yearly. If you choose quarterly, your box will be automatically charged every 3 months. If you choose yearly, you will pay for all the boxes up front. Two boxes are available: a regular box and a premium box that ships with a limited edition item. It's totally up to you, but I find the limited edition items are usually amazing! 

It can take a while for items to arrive due to shipping and customs, so be patient. Also- if there is every anything broken or unsettling (I once found a jar of Date Honey that wasn't sealed properly), reach out to customer service and they will fix it as fast as they can. For all support issues, contact Artza at support@artzabox.com  and they will respond as fast as they can! 

I haven't had a chance to use the spice or the tea yet, but I am super excited to see how they taste. I know the spice will have a Mediterranean flavor that I'll have to play around with to get the best flavoring for my tastebuds. 

Found in the premium box only, this piece of artwork is exquisite! 

This Spring, I hope you will take a new adventure to a new territory. Learn all about Golan Heights with the newest Artza box! 

Artza means towards the land.. so by supporting these artisans, learning about the deep history of the region, you are certainly traveling towards the land, even if you can't be there physically! 

These would also make great Easter and Mother's Day gifts.. especially if your loved one has always wanted to travel to the Holy Land but life has prevented them from doing so. Bring a bit of the Holy Land to them instead! 

Want it? Get it!

All MBP Readers can get 25$ off their Artza box with code Mommy25. Make sure to type the code in the coupon/promo area before hitting submit! 

Note- Artza boxes can be sent as gifts too! Surprise your loved one with a great birthday, anniversary, or just because gift! 

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Have you ever traveled to the Holy Land? 

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