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Taking Your Dog with You on Holiday


Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you are planning a vacation, the first decision to make is whether or not your pet can tag along. While this may depend greatly on your destination and mode of transport, there are plenty of holiday options that are suitable for dogs. Here are some tips to ensure that your pet has a stress-free trip and an enjoyable holiday too.

Should You Take Your Dog with You on Holiday?

If you are going camping or to the beach, and your accommodations permit it, there is no reason to leave your best friend at home, with a friend or babysitter, or in pet care. He will be happier being in the company of his family than having to adjust to a strange place where he may not get as much attention as he is used to. Check in advance if your intended holiday venue is fine with dogs and if there are any no-go areas. This is preferable to getting there and finding out that there is a problem. Here are some local holiday venues that are suitable for dogs in the USA.

Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with a dog may limit your options. For example, if you are flying there, it is probably best to make other arrangements. Depending on the rules of an airline, a dog is only permitted in the cabin with you if he can be contained in a carrier that fits underneath the seat in front of you. Otherwise, he will be confined to the cargo hold, which is likely to cause him a lot of anxiety. If you are going by car and your pet has never been driven around before, be sure to take him out on a few short trips to get him used to it. 

Whatever the means of transport you are using, the first consideration is to have plenty of water and a bowl available. On a long journey, you will need to stop for frequent toilet breaks and so that your dog can stretch his legs. Make sure he is on a leash as you don’t want to risk him running off into a busy road or getting lost.

Feeding Your Dog on Holiday

As far as possible, stick to your pet’s regular diet. Over the festive season, twice as many pets require emergency treatment because of harmful foods that they have been given to eat. Avoid rich and fatty foods as these can cause stomach upsets and even pancreatitis. Raw meat may contain bacteria or parasites that can make your dog seriously ill. Even very small bones can penetrate and tear the intestinal tract, which can only be treated by surgery. Uncooked yeast dough will swell up in the stomach, causing pain and potentially rupturing the intestines. It is a good idea not to leave food out in the open and unsupervised where your dog can get to it. 

Although this should be obvious to any pet lover, do not give your dog alcohol as this will cause intoxication, headache, stomach upsets, and could even result in your dog falling into a swimming pool and being unable to get out. Make sure you empty ashtrays into an inaccessible container as tobacco is toxic to dogs and could lead to fatality in minutes. 

Organic dog treats can be obtained from a pet store instead. This is much healthier and also safer – many treats such as chocolate are toxic to dogs. 

Lastly, if your dog has any health issues, such as arthritis, don’t forget to pack their treatment along with all the other necessities, especially if you usually give them organic dog supplements; you may not find these at your destination. Native Pet's organic dog supplements can be found online and are manufactured with fewer ingredients that ensure each one counts towards your dog’s health needs. Each ingredient is carefully targeted for its natural benefits, such as easing joint pain, and chosen for how it works in tandem with others.

Getting Your Dog Safely Settled

The holiday venue will be unfamiliar to your dog. Start by setting up a corner with his favorite blanket and toys. If you can bring his bed with you, all the better. Show him where his plate and water bowl are. Take him around the property on a leash to familiarize him with the location so that he feels at home and can find his way back indoors. Let him explore with you nearby. Get the contact details of a local vet and make sure you know the route in case of emergencies. 

Taking Trips While on Holiday

You will want to get out and about while on holiday. Once again, you will have to determine which places you can take your dog to, and which ones will require leaving him alone. If you are going to be gone all day, it is probably best to get a sitter. Set up an automatic water fountain or food dispenser. Although you may have put water and food out, bear in mind that you may experience car trouble or some other event that delays you getting back in time to feed your dog. Try to find places to sightsee that are dog-friendly so that your dog is not left alone most of the time.

With a bit of planning, all of you can enjoy your getaway and return home refreshed.

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