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Re-Introducing Wordless Wednesdays: Sweet Moments to Cherish


Happy Wednesday, all! I am so pleased to announce that we're bringing back Wordless Wednesdays on Mommy's Block Party. Wednesdays can sort of be an un-fun hump to have to get over to get to the other side of the week- with the weekend being the main goal. By Wednesday, many of us are already tired and ready for a break. It's true for writers, too! We started Wordless Wednesdays many years ago with the intention of giving our writers a break from writing, but also giving them an opportunity to share an image that speaks to them.

At Mommy's Block Party, our team often shares photos of family, travel, or certain images which speak to our souls. That's what you'll find here. We hope that you enjoy this series once again. To us, it serves as a wonderful reminder that life's moments don't always need captions. Just being present in those moments, truly enjoying them is such a gift. Thanks for letting us share those moments with you.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

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