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Precaution and Security Measures: Going on Vacation in a Leased Car with Your Family

Long back, leasing a car may have seemed absurd to most, but times are changing and an increasing number of people are choosing to lease cars, use them for a while, and move on - rather than investing in them for the long term. Using a leased car is similar to using your own car - you take care of it as well as you can, try not to scratch or damage it, and hope that you never get into an accident, even if it’s a small one. However, there are a few extra measures you should take when using a leased car - just to be prepared for unfortunate circumstances that may damage the car in some way. In this article, we’re going to be talking about some of the measures you can take when going on a vacation or road trip using a leased car - doing so will help you have a worry-free holiday, and will also ensure you’re prepared for the worst scenarios! Let’s get started.

1. Revisit your lease before you go on the trip

When you first got your lease agreement, you’d have agreed on how many miles you’re going to be driving upfront. When planning your road trip or vacation, try to take some time to calculate how many miles you’re going to cover on the whole, and make sure it doesn’t exceed the limit while you go to your destination and return home again. 

It’s also a good idea to leave a good buffer room, so you don’t accidentally end up exceeding the limit before the lease ends.

However, if you happen to know that your trip is definitely going to exceed the limit, don’t worry, because you still have the option of trying to negotiate the limit and go for a high mile option. But this will depend on the lease company’s protocols, since not all companies will have the option to do this. 

2. Know your rights and be prepared for the worst

You could be the most careful driver on the road but still get into an accident due to someone else’s carelessness. The most you can do is to be prepared for the worst and expect anything to happen during your trip.

It’s a good idea to know what to do in case of an accident, or if damages occur to your leased car, or what recoverable damages cover in the case of leased vehicle accidents. Here’s a small gist of what rights the victims of a leased car accident may be able to get in terms of compensation at court:

  • Medical expenses for those who have suffered injury.

  • Lost wages in case you are unable to work after the injury.

  • Replacement or repair of damaged property, including the leased vehicle. 

3. Prep your vehicle for the trip

Your leased car can do with a certain amount of prep, especially if you’re going to be driving far. For instance, make sure there’s a lot of thread on the tires - it’s also a good idea to go to the mechanic to ensure that the vehicle does not have any other problem which could get in the way of a pleasant vacation. If you see any of the car dashboard warning lights turn on and are not sure what it means, it's best to get it checked out to be safe rather than have to deal with issues on the road.

Ask the mechanic to run all the tests they usually do to have a hassle-free trip - one of the main reasons roadtrips get ruined is because of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, which can be especially hard when you’re with the rest of your family.

Finally, be sure that the vehicle is capable of making the trip and returning in good condition - leased cars are not owned cars, so you’ll have to return it in a good condition for it to be leased again in the future.

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