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Planning A Wedding In The Heart Of Summer: Our Guide To Setting Your Event Apart From The Rest


There’s something about summer weddings that couples just can’t resist. Alongside the warm weather and longer daylight, summer weddings offer couples a wider choice. From the outfits and venue to the menu and entertainment, a wedding in the warmer months offers a whole host of fun and unique wedding ideas.

Offer your guests some comfy shoes 

Everyone wants to look their best for your wedding ceremony, so it’s likely everyone will be dressed to the nines. Whether they’re wearing high heels, loafers or a brand new pair for the occasion, by the time it gets to the partying, their feet will probably be quite sore! So why not offer guests a pair of flip flops or sliders each, so they can dance the night away without feeling the painful repercussions the next morning? After all, no one wants their wedding day remembered by the blisters on their guests’ feet!

Get creative with the menu

A summer wedding comes with many benefits, and the choice of food options is one of them. It’s the perfect time of the year to make the most of the great outdoors, so why not choose a BBQ-style menu? Quick, easy, and delicious, you can whip up a variety of food options that your guests can enjoy. Not only does it offer a more casual dining option, but you don’t have to deal with the stress of table plans or pestering your guests for their food choices. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

Create a commemorative cocktail

It’s no secret that a wedding is the perfect opportunity to let loose and enjoy a drink or two, which is why we love the idea of creating your own cocktail to really make your wedding day stand out. Pick your favourite spirits and flavours and have fun creating your perfect concoction. Go the extra mile with it by asking all of your guests to suggest a name for the cocktail and the winner could get a special prize… the recipe, perhaps?

Have fun with the entertainment

A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity to utilise your wedding venue’s outdoor space, and choosing the right entertainment is a great way to do this. No one is saying not to have the usual band or DJ, after all, it’s the best way to get the party started. But why not switch things up half way through the night? Think outside the box - fire breathers, acrobats, fireworks, or maybe even your favourite animals could make an appearance?

Time for an outfit change

One of the most important, and anticipated, parts of the day are the wedding outfits. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to see the bride in her gown and the bridesmaids in their coordinated outfits. And, of course, the groom and his med will surely be donning suits with well-fitting jackets and crisp shirts. As lovely as everyone is sure to look during the ceremony, you will probably reach the party portion of the night and wish you could feel a little more free. Well, a second outfit would solve it all. Slip into something comfier when the photos are all taken, or to make it a wedding feature, encourage all of your guests to bring a fun, comfy outfit for the evening so no one has to worry about being uncomfortable or spilling something on their best clothes.

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