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Pep Talks By Kindergarteners With Peptoc Hotline


Photo credited to GMA Living, March 09. 

If you are anything like the folks in my life, you feel tired. Not only has the time change caused chaotic confusion but life is picking back. School activities, travel, church events, work obligations have started to resume their normal chaotic life and all seem to come at once! Add spring pollen to the mix and it's enough to send you back to your blanket and pillow, right?

If you haven't seen or heard about it, you need to check out the Kindergarten Hotline. One of my friends posted about it recently and I wasn't quite sure, so I decided to call the number (after googling to make sure it was real- because, well spam life, aim I right?)

A group of kindergartens in Healdsburg, CA, created a hotline to inspire and motivate anyone who needs a pep talk. A young voice answers the call and prompts you to press a number 14. A Spanish version is available for those who need. 

Press #1 if you are feeling mad, frustrated, or angry.

Press #2 if you need life advice and encouragement. 

Press #3 if you need a pep talk. 

Press #4 if you want to hear children laughing. 

I went through all numbers and was delighted. It was amazing to hear these young voices be so motivational! Number #3 was especially meaningful as almost the entire class had a phrase they said to help you out- it wasn't repetitive and you could tell each child meant it as they said it. 

Originally started as a class project, the class teacher never expected the hotline would take off as it did. Called the Peptoc Project, it was only meant to last a couple of weeks, but after it went viral, a company donated one million minutes. The project receives about 5000 calls a day, so that definitely won't last long. There is a Gofundme out there to keep the project going too. 

 Yet- of course it did! With the events of the last two years, let alone the tragedy and horror within the world within the past month, we are all in need of inspiration and motivation. 

This hotline is exactly what you need to start your Monday, so go ahead- call 707 998 8410. An alternate of (707-873-7862) is available in case phone #1 is offline.

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