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Organizing A Sixtieth Birthday Party For Your Best Friend


Having a close or best friend to guide you through life is truly something special. Now that your friend is turning sixty years old; it's time to throw them a big party to celebrate the occasion. Organizing an important birthday party can be tricky, and there are lots for you to think about. To help you out, we've decided to come up with this guide on organizing a sixtieth birthday party for your best friend. Carry on reading to discover more.

Try Basing The Party On Their Favorite Things

What are your best friend's main interests? What do they love above all else in the world? If they are a big fan of a specific movie star or musician, get them some memorabilia that they will cherish. You could also go for a theme for the party, something related to a hobby or an era of their life that they loved. Getting the setting right will be key. You should think about what sort of person they are and what sort of evening they would enjoy. Personalize your friend's birthday party and fill it with the things they love. To find out more about sixtieth birthday party ideas, check out this blog post article from Greenvelope. This could help you with inspiration for the party theme or even the invitations themselves. 

The Venue For The Party

Hosting the party at someone's home may be preferable, but space may become an issue if your friend has lots of family or guests coming. You or your friend's home may not be big enough to comfortably squeeze everyone in. So, a wise alternative could be to look into hiring a private venue or function room to host their sixtieth birthday celebrations, and that way, guests may have a bit more space to mingle and relax.

If your friend has a restaurant they love dearly, why not throw a birthday celebration at their favorite restaurant with plenty of guests and all the food they adore? The venue selection must center around their personality so that you can put on a party you know they will enjoy. 

Music Could Be Vital Ingredients

No party is quite complete without suitable music and the opportunity to have a little singing session. Is your best friend a big music fan? Get a good sound system, or perhaps even hire someone to play some of your friend's favorite tunes. Music could really help to create a positive, energetic atmosphere for the guests. Setting up a bit of a karaoke session could be a great way to let everyone have some fun without too much physical effort. Everyone can sing along to all the old-school classic tunes that your friend has fond memories of at the party. 

The Question Of Who To Invite To The Party

Picking all the guests for your best friend's birthday party yourself could take time, and you could leave some people out. You can choose to work with your friend to select the party guests together, or you may leave them to invite whoever they like.

Things will be different, of course, if you're throwing a surprise party. Surprise parties can always be hit and miss, and you never quite know how they're going to react to your surprise party arrangements. If your friend is picky about their likes and dislikes, perhaps avoid putting on a surprise birthday party and keep them fully in the loop about everything.

Make Sure There's Lovely Food For The Guests

Are you a fantastic chef and love cooking special homemade dishes and being a hospitable host to your guests? Why not cook up some delicious food for the party that everyone can enjoy tucking into? If you don't feel like cooking homemade food, there's the option of using the services of a catering company. You may decide there's no need to have food at the party, and in this case, you must inform guests on the invites to make sure they've eaten before coming along.

Remember to consult your friend and ask about the sort of food they would like to have there. It could be nice to bake a fantastic cake for the occasion. Get creative with things and ensure you are baking with their favorite flavors so that they can enjoy the cake to its full potential. You can outsource this baking to someone else you know or even hire the expert services of someone else.

The most important thing is that your best friend has a brilliant sixtieth birthday that they can remember for the rest of their life and that the guests also enjoy themselves and go home happy. Life is precious, and a best friend is something you ought to cherish. Celebrate the day with them by putting on a fantastic sixtieth full of fun and surprises and creating life-long memories. 

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