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Niré Beauty and Luxe England: Inspirational Gifts for Mom


Thanks to Niré Beauty & Luxe England for sending these great Mom's Day gifts in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Our moms are special. They inspire us. They ground us. They encourage us to be the best that we can possibly be. This mother's day, give the gift of luxury to your mom. Inspire her. Invite her to dream and live out her own passions. 

Niré Beauty offers great tools for the moms who love to shine and love their make-up products.  Niré  products aim to inspire moms, provide great easy to use tools, and allow beauty to shine from within! 

We know that some moms don't wear much make-up and that's perfectly okay. If your mom does, there is a guarantee she needs a new brush set and would LOVE the Niré 15 piece set. 

With tipped, angled, slanted, and soft edges for all types of brushes, moms who love blending and contouring will fall in love with this set! It comes with a black case for storage and travel! No more figuring out where to put brushes so they stay together and not on the floor! 

The set comes with a guide to learn what the exact use of each brush addresses- facial powders, contours, blush, eye shadows, and even pencil blending! 

These brushes are vegan and cruelty free, perfect for moms who are concerned about harsh chemicals and harmful products. These brushes are designed to not take on a bunch of make-up, so save money and feel your best while getting ready for the day or a night out on the town! 

Why do I love these brushes? Each brush has a number that corresponds to it's purpose along with it's name. This makes it easy to figure out the usage for each item. I also love the case. This makes it very easy to travel with.. for someone on the go, that means a lot. And, if I'm home for a while, the case can be used as a holder. 

I am now reentering the world of makeup after months of mask usage (because honestly, what was the  point?) so I'm excited that these brushes will keep my skin safe and have great uses. Time to get rid of the undesirable brushes I've held on for way too long! 

Finally, the set comes with a brush cleaner. Cleaning brushes is probably something we don't think about. I could go into the gory details, but caked on  make-up is definitely a breeding ground for bacteria. Show mom you care about her health with the Niré Beauty Set because the brush cleaner is super easy to use! 

For tips about helping your mom clean her new Niré Set, send this "7 Ways to Make Your Makeup Brushes last longer" article to her once she receives her gift! I found it super informative.. did you know that the nets the brushes come with actually have a purpose? Sure do! Make sure to tell mom before she tosses them all! 

For those moms who may love luxury but not be into make-up, then the Luxe England Best Mom Set is for them. 

This gift set comes with a jewelry tray, a Best Mom Ever sign, gold plate 14' pendant, a card, and lots of love. The sign has a bracket on it's back for hanging.. or it's the perfect size for a dresser, nightstand, or shelf! I love the colors- it's so bright and cheerful! 

The pendant is perfect for any mom who loves necklaces. I personally don't wear them that often.. I think it's been one more thing to keep track of when I never know what I'll be digging through at work. Yet, my mom loves her pendants and necklaces. The double circle loops are perfect for any outfit! 

The Jewelry tray is a ceramic so be sure to keep it in it's box until usage. If it falls, it's probably a goner. Yet, it's perfect for rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry! 

 I am absolutely in love with this set and can't wait to gift it to my own mom! She loves jewelry and I think she will love it! 

If this isn't for you, then Luxe England has plenty of other sets to pamper mom this Mother's Day. From beauty products to luxury self-care items, these gift sets have something for every mom!

Show mom you love her and care about her with Niré Beauty and Luxe England. These brands will allow mom to feel loved, whole, and shine from within!

We are excited to include Luxe England and Niré  Beauty in our Mother's Day Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, head over to the 2022 Mother's Day Guide on MBP

Want it? Get it!

Find the Niré Beauty Brush Set on Amazon. 

Show Mom some love with the Luxe England Best Mom Set from the Luxe England Store on Amazon. 

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